More Food in Tokyo (including fresh mochi!)

Totally forgot to get this posted before, but I have a bunch more pictures of random food from around Tokyo during our Christmas trip down there.  I guess it's a little but of Christmas in July!

Have you ever tried Siphon coffee?  I know it's been popping up in the US but I am not sure how popular it is.  The coffee is made in what resembles a high school chemistry lab.
One of the days in Tokyo we headed to Odaiba.  I tried out this Korean seafood pancake at the food court in DiverCity, one of the malls out on Odaiba.  It was pretty tasty!
While we were out at Odaiba we happened to catch a view of the Rainbow Bridge lit up.  This was actually a bigger deal than it seems because it isn't always lit up and we've never been here at night and able to get a view.  A lot of my friends have had the same experience.  It's very pretty when the lights are on!

The skyline itself was also an amazing view.
One night we had dinner at Spyro's, which is a Greek restaurant in Roppongi.  We love Greek food and it isn't easy to find in Japan.  I managed to locate a few options in Tokyo and we decided on this place.

Cute little place settings!  Similar to having a chopstick rest, I guess.
I love Saganaki so I couldn't resist the urge!
Some mushrooms
Obviously we went with the Greek salad!
I had shrimp with feta cheese, which was really good.
I guess I skipped on taking a picture of Ryan's entree, but we did both get some dessert.

Of course we didn't just eat the entire time.  We also walked around...a lot!

We managed to find a Le Pain Quotidien, which is a restaurant we have been to in New York City before.  This happened to be Sunday brunch and the place was really busy.

I had these cute little toasts.
And this shrimp and avocado tartine. Yum!  
The next stop was a real treat.  I almost didn't stop because I thought the guy handing out flyers wanted us to go eat somewhere or go buy something.  They were actually inviting us into a temple for freshly pounded mochi as part of the New Year celebration (it was just before Dec 31).  This turned out to be really neat!
Here they are placing the mochi into some toppings.  This way it isn't just eaten plain.  You can see red beans on the left, black sesame in the middle, and then there is something else on the right (which I can't recall).
Green tea also.
Here is where the guys were pounding the mochi.
Here's a view of the temple where this was taking place.

So glad we ended up stopping in to check it out!
That wraps it up for our Christmas trip to Tokyo.

More posts from Japan coming up soon.  I promise!  I need to get a few more posted and plan to do this in the coming weeks since during that time we will also be moving!  So sad but it is time to say good bye to Japan and embark on another adventure.  Details coming soon!

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever tried mochi?  Have you ever tried siphon coffee?