Q: 3-day weekend? A: 1 more meal from scratch!

I wish I could make these first 2 things myself, but this was just from our trip to a pasteleria, or "sweets" shop/pastry shop.  We got really hungry driving around yesterday so we stopped by one of my fave places in Praia for a tasty snack.  This was my choice.

Ryan went for the chocolate cake.  They were both tasty.

Then we came home and had the crazy idea of making another meal completely from scratch as this was still like a weekend day for us, sorta like our Sunday as we both had off from work for the holiday.  We decided to try something yummy, but something that we had the ingredients for and that was somewhat simple.  So we went with bagels.

There is a great bagel place back in my hometown that I always stop at to pick up bagels and then transport them all the way back to where I live.  I in fact did this the last time I went home.  I love bagels.  Well, I mean really...I am Jewish!  Ryan likes bagels too, so we decided to follow the recipe for the bread machine, which not only bakes off loaves, but will also just make the dough for other things.

Ingredients were simple, and here they are ready to go.

The dough was looking good and no where near as sticky as the pita bread dough we did the night before.

This recipe made 10 bagels.  So we cut it up into 10 pieces, yes, odd shaped pieces, but still pieces...

This part was super fun.  You roll it into a ball, stick your thumb in the middle and the shape it into the classic bagel shape.  If you have kids, they will love doing this.  Ok, and the adults will love this too.  It was fun to get to "play" with my food.

Then they go into boiling water.  The recipe called for a dutch oven, which we do not have, and we found a pot of boiling water worked just fine.

Can you believe it was only in the water for 30 seconds.  Then they dry for a few before heading to the oven...

Oven time!!!

Oh yeah, look at those beauties!

Even has the "bagel" coloring on the bottom.  Lesson learned, do not use bottom rack of oven as those were a tad darker on the bottom than those from the top rack.

Oh so beautiful!

Then it was time to prepare our meal using our 'from scratch' bagels.  We went for a classic eggel, AKA egg and cheese on bagel sandwich.

All I can say is OH YEAH BABY!

The finished product.  This was so amazing.  We will definately be making bagels again.  These were so easy, so simple and so delicious.

In other news we had a political uprising and total overhaul of the current system of order among animals in our home.  The cat managed on Saturday to take over the dog's bed, I mean throne, I mean castle...and made it her own.

This is what the dog had to say about it.  Can we say passive aggressive anyone?  In fact, the dog waited until the cat moved away before reclaiming her bed and then the whole cycle repeated.  For the most part I think this now belongs to my cat.  Well, I have had her longer!  Oh well...

QUESTIONS: What is your favorite kind of bagel?  What is your favorite bagel sandwich or way to enjoy your bagel?  Did you participate in 'from scratch weekends'?


MelissaNibbles said...

I've never been a fan of bagels. I've tried and tried. They're just to heavy for me. I'm glad you had success with yours :)
Your cat is a thief!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Great job making bagels from scratch! They look wonderful!

Sadly, it wasn't a big cooking weekend for me... But I enjoyed not having to clean the kitchen all day long... Here is what I made from scratch: vegetable soup, salad with homemade dressing, kale chips, & baked sweet potato fries.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Fantastic!! These look so delicious. I'll admit, I'm not really a bagel fan, especially now that I don't eat wheat, but when I DO eat a bagel I love the "Everything Bagels" or blueberry bagels or cinnamon raisin. There is a bagel shop called Bruegger's bagels and they make my favorite sandwich; it's an everything bagel with turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, veggie cream cheese, and sundried tomato paste. It's called the "Herby Turkey" and it's delicious.

I didn't participate in from Scratch weekends, but trust me, I'm planning on it! My "from scratch" won't be quite as neat though...I don't have the proper gadgets!

Mari said...

Wow that is so impressive!!!!! I heart everything bagels with cream cheese =)

Unknown said...

HAHA - that is AWESOME! Susan from The Bagle Shop would be so proud :) I love Egg bagles...or blueberry.

Beth said...

I've wanted to make bagels for so long...this is inspiring :-)

I didn't have a very good cooking weekend. I did make blueberry cupcakes from scratch yesterday though!

Nicci said...

The bagels look great and delicious. I want to make my own now!

chow and chatter said...

love these posts and your cooking skill love the bagels I am going to try very soon love Rebecca

Rachel Lauren said...

They look so good! Woman, make me bagels. thanks. I haven't had an eggel in forever... Soy cheese eggel. Might have to do that after I get some Whole Wheat Everything bagels while I'm in NYC!! ps: Whole wheat everything, best bagels ever. Sunflower ones from Goldbergs also good. seeded pumperknickle also awesome.

Rachel Lauren said...

ps: I only eat them open face. no closed sammiches with bagels. two halves are more fun to eat than a whole.

Anonymous said...

Those bagels - wowza! Gorgeous! You are so impressive in the kitchen!! The baked goods look delicious! I think I would've tried to share your hubby's...mmm! Who doesn't fall for chocolate cake as rich and decadent-looking as that slice? : )

I love to make hummus, avocado, lettuce, and sprouts with balsamic vinegar bagel sandwiches! Yum!

Melissa said...

I love bagels. And this is a From Scratch recipe I could do at home. :)

You always have such fun cooking ideas.

Shannon said...

You made your own bagels! I love it! They look very professional. I love cinnamon raisin bagels and the bagels with everything on them!

Unknown said...

You actually saw my favorite kind of bagel last time you came here....plain or jalepeno cheddar bagel with cream cheese, sliced onion, lox, and melted cheese on top-munster is the best but most places don't carry it so I have to settle for cheddar usually. Oh and Brugghers is the best here! My friend is addicted-she actually texts in her order when she's on her way!

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