Ryan’s Birthday Dinner

Doesn’t it figure that the one time there is a special occasion, I forgot my camera.  Thank heavens for camera phones, but of course the quality is not the same.

For dinner, we actually were not hungry until much later in the evening, and by then, most places were filled up.  Europeans will dine for hours, so once they sit for a meal, there may not be a second or third round of seating for a place, therefore getting a table on a Saturday night may be very tough.
First we tried Sabores do Chef, but there was a huge crowd of people waiting outside.

Then we tried Mar a Mesa, and we picked a table by  the window, but then there were too many smokers outside and it kept coming in, and I think Ryan was more in the mood for a steak, so a fish place with smoke blowing wound up being a turn off for a birthday dinner.

Then we tried O Pescador, down the street.  It was surprisingly busy.  I say surprisingly because we have never really seen it busy, and back in the winter, the chef left and it seemed the new chef was not as good.  After many good meals there, a meal in February was extremely bad.  We went back recently for 2 special occasion meals, and the food had improved, but not to it’s previous quality.
The meal started with bread, butter and a spreadable cheese, which is popular here.
We knew it was going to be a long wait as there were parties of 8 still waiting for food, so we ordered a bottle of wine.
Ryan had a steak, with mushrooms, salad and fries.
I had a wreckfish and shrimp kabob.  I liked that the even though the heads and tails remained intact on the shrimp, they were peeling in the middle, making it easier to eat.
My entree also came with potatoes and veggies.
We decided on no dessert because we had some waiting at home.  Now I know I took a picture of the cake, but I can’t locate now, so after a little scavenger hunt I should be able to share this.  Instead, we ended the meal with a coffee drink.
After the meal, the beach and it’s bars/cafes were jumping.  It was almost midnight and everyone, even little kids, were out playing.  There was a live band playing by the ocean, and other celebrations going on.  I think everyone is getting into the festival spirit with Praia Fest coming up.  This is a large gastronomy fair and many mainland vendors and restaurants will showcase their food on the island.  Our population will also increase significantly as many people will travel here for the events.
I think I mentioned this in my last post, but I have lots of pictures to get caught up on, so here are some of those.

My dad sent me thins package of goodies from Whole Foods.  I have already eaten some of this food.
Here is a cute sandwich I made on an onion roll.  I couldn’t resist having a kiwi.
One new thing around here is an increase in vegetarian options, and I think this has to do with a new gluten intolerant resident on the base.  I noticed 4 new gluten free frozen Amy’s items, 2 new frozen gluten free waffles and 2 new gluten free cereals.  Although I am not on a gluten free diet, the Amy’s options were all vegetarian, and therefore provides new options for any convenience foods.  This was also there, although not gluten free.
My last set of pictures is from a BBQ we went to on July 3rd.  On the drive out there I made a wrong turn and we climbed and climbed up a big hill.  When I made a U turn to head back down, we noticed this amazing view.
The pictures really do not do this view any justice.  I also took some shots of the view ahead as there are wind mills up there.
At the party, they started a nice fire in the fire pit.
The backyard has this amazing view of split rock.  The house has all sliding glass doors on the side facing the rock to take advantage of the views.
I couldn’t resist zooming in.
I still have fireworks photos and shots from the Zoku coming up.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever forgotten your camera for a major picture taking occasion?  What is the view like from your house?


Shannon said...

What a lot of hunting you had to do for a birthday dinner! I hope you had a fantastic weekend together :)

I love when you post pictures of the island. It is just so beautiful there!

Beth said...

Looks like Ryan had a good birthday meal...and that kabob you had was crazy!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I do forget my camera sometimes, and it's a bummer, but my phone works just as well sometimes (I clearly need a new camera!).

Your shrimp kabobs look so good, and I probably would have ordered them too. I am really into shrimp lately. HAd some last night in fact.

View form our house? Not quite as nice as yours! Just other houses....boring.

Glad Ryan had a nice B-day dinner!

Emily said...

Happy Bday to Ryan! I love how your skewer looks...very unique.

So nice of your dad to send some whole foods goodies, too!

MelissaNibbles said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

I love shrimp. I would devour that skewer.

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