Happy Fourth of July…Bulls, Beach and Other Stuff

As I have already mentioned, and I am sure you are tired of hearing, I am so far behind on posting.  So I am thinking my next few posts will be all over the map.

First off, Happy 4th of July to everyone!  This actually marks 2 years that we have been on the island.  I can hardly believe.  Just a few more weeks to go before the big move to Japan.

My first set of pictures for this post are of one of the first bullfights of the season, from back in May.  It was on our street and it was nice to be able to walk there.
 DSC09119 DSC09120 DSC09121 DSC09122
This area of food and beer stands was just outside of the house where we were standing to watch the fight.
However, we had plenty of food at our disposal at the house where we were watching.  I think it was a relative of someone who Ryan knows from the base.
DSC09127 DSC09128 DSC09129
Ryan still made sure to grab a bifana, which is a pork sandwich, and a local treat.
As you can see the weather was not super nice, so we only stayed for a little bit.
DSC09132 DSC09133 DSC09135 DSC09138 DSC09139
Just long enough for me to enjoy a local made donut, some favas fritas and papas fritas (fried fava beans and potato chips).  Ok, Ryan helped, I didn’t eat this all myself. :)
DSC09140 DSC09141
Look at everyone taunting the bull.  Nope, he didn’t jump, but he looked like he might want to.
DSC09143 DSC09144
Next up is my new hobby.  My grandfather sent me golf clubs.  No, not the ones pictured on the box, but this was what he could fit them in to ship to me.  so far I have taken 2 lessons and I like it better than I thought I would. 
When we paid rent for June, our landlord’s gave us a loaf of Portuguese sweet bread.
I made sure to make a tasty sandwich with it.  It is egg and cheese on toasted bread.  Yeah, I cut the slices to thick and couldn’t even finish it.
DSC09153 DSC09154
Next up are the pictures from this random rocky beach Ryan spotted from afar one day.  He was determined to find it.  After we paid rent we went on an adventure drive to locate the beach.  I am glad we were successful because it was really pretty over there.
DSC00081 DSC00080
Here I am.  Enjoying the view and the sun!
Last for today will be a new restaurant we tried.  Not sure how we never noticed this before, but this is actually on a little side street just off the street we live on. 
It was a lot roomier inside than I had original thought it would be.
As usual there was bread and cheese to start.
DSC00084 DSC00085
Ryan had the steak and I ordered the boca negra.  I am starting to feel like we are not so creative in our ordering, but the Portuguese food is very simple, so it is prepared and served the same at almost every place, making it hard to order something different all the time.  The standard steak dish and fish dish on the island is served just like both below.  That is why it might look familiar to you.  I am not complaining though.  I have come to love the boca negra and it is always fresh caught just off the coast of the island.  Our friends ate here and were much braver than us.  They thoroughly enjoyed the goat, which is a specialty at this restaurant.
DSC00086 DSC00087
For dessert, we actually ordered dessert.  Ryan had the tiramisu ice cream and I had an orange cake with chocolate sauce.  It was really good.
DSC00088 DSC00089
Also nice here was the view and their courtyard.  So peaceful!
 DSC00090 DSC00091
Well, that is all the randomness I can take for the day. :)

Happy 4th of July!  Be safe and enjoy your freedom!

QUESTIONS:  What are you doing for 4th of July?  Any new (or new to you) restaurants in your neighborhood?


Unknown said...

Tonight there are fireworks in our neighborhood, so that's very convenient! Last night we watched fireworks from The Quarry...the fireworks were @ Suburban Club - your wedding spot!
See you soon! xo!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I know there are so many new restaurants around here, but Nick and I really try to save our money for dinner parties with friends. We did discuss some new restaurants with friends this weekend though, so I'm sure we'll be hitting some up this summer!
I can't believe you are moving to Japan so soon. Seriously, I can't wait to read all about it, and see the amazing photos. What a great experience that will be.
Glad you had a nice fourth!

Astra Libris said...

I totally understand being MIA and behind on posting - I'm in the exact same state due to post-move chaos and my new job! :-p I've been so enjoying reading about all your travels to Israel and Italy, though - thank you for letting me travel along through your posts! :-) Also, many more thanks for your Air Force Wife Advice - it's been SO helpful as I transition to life on base! *hugs*

Melanie Flinn said...

Thanks for stopping by Nutritious Eats. Wow, Portugal. My husband would love to be stationed overseas. Me not so much, but only because of the kids and being so far away from grandparents. What an amazing experience you're having. We just came from Hawaii to Missouri so that is the farthest away we've been so far. It was absolutely wonderful. Hope to stay in touch!

Special K said...

Peace to you during this CRAZY TIME! Don't you just want to put the whole thing on speed? getting the move over with and a sense of routine and stability is so difficult during this time.
IN CONSTRUCTION sign should be hung around my neck when I move for a good 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after!

Biz said...

I haven't stopped by in ages - since I started a new job in April I've been swamped. You guys are moving to Japan??

Just think of all the cool and different food you'll have there!

We had a low key 4th - but I can see from your blog roll that you already checked it out.


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