Finishing Up the Local Lifestyle

While there is still plenty more of the local lifestyle to come before I am finally up to date on my posts, here are some of the things we did in the final month or so before we left.

We fit in one more bullfight, and this one was on the beach.  It really wasn't that exciting this year, but we were there with friends so it was fun to hang out.
 DSC01065 DSC01066 DSC01069 
This was around the time of the Holy Spirit festival on the island, so there were big meals and celebrations, and lots of fancy decorations.
Also, this coincided with San Joaninas Festival, so there were major bullfights, yes real bullfights, however Portugal does not kill bulls.
 DSC01157 DSC01158 DSC01159 
Since we were trying to empty out the fridge and freezer, and trying to get in the last of the good bread and cheese, we decided one night to get a loaf of bread, some cheeses from the islands, and some olives.  
DSC01161 DSC01164 DSC01165 
Yummy cheese!  Oh how I will miss the cheese.
Not sure why we never thought to enjoy this for a quite evening in before, but it really did make a nice dinner/movie food.

The next morning we used some of our neighbor's eggs to make french toast from the bread we had bought the day before.  It was so good.
I also had a few restaurants I still needed to visit before we left, since I have another blog of just activities and businesses on the island.  Although we had eaten at Caneta before I did not have any pictures, so we needed to go back.
They have an awesome courtyard area.
One thing I like here is that they also serve corn bread with the regular bread.
We had some cheese and olives to start.
DSC01268 DSC01269
Very cute and traditional inside.
Here we are enjoying a nice meal.
Ryan ordered the steak kebab.  He was told by our friend that he had to get this.  It was like a steak on a stick and they put garlic butter on the skewer at the top and it melts and drips down onto the meat.  Certainly not my thing, but I can see why the guys like it so much.
At least it came with some fruit on the side.
I had the boca negra, which is my favorite fish from the island.  It was very good.
Since I was in photo mode to get pictures for my other blog, I decided we should get some dessert.  Ryan had the ice cream filled crepe, which seems to really be an ice cream burrito.  I had some chocolate chip ice cream.
DSC01277 DSC01279 
As usual, we ended the meal with some coffee, and then headed back home with a lovely coastal drive.
DSC01280 DSC01281
Still plenty more to come for the rest of the island, and then the trip back to the States.  I am in the US now, and actually I am on the plane.  Gotta love wifi on the plane!  I am hoping too that I can read and comment on some blogs since I really miss having the time for that.  Soon we will be settled and I will be back as I get into a new routine.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever used wifi on a plane?  Can you drink coffee after dinner?


Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian said...

I would miss that cheese too! Looks delicious!
I have never used wi fi on a plane. I am sure it makes the time fly!!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

haha, that's QUITE the steak kabob!! I would make such a mess with that!
I would be sleepless if I had coffee anytime after 12pm. I've tried it, even half decaf, and it's not good. I am so sensitive to caffeine, it's crazy!
As for wifi in a plane, I did pay for it one time, but it didn't work well and I was pissed. Not worth it, if I remember correctly.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I would miss the cheese, too! And the olives! And the local bread! Your cheese/bread/olives dinner looks PERFECT! :)

Enjoy your time in the States!

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