Vegetarian/Vegan Potluck for National Nutrition Month

Here at this base we have a group for a vegetarian and vegan recipe swap.  We share recipes, meal ideas, and I am there to give nutrition advice as needed or answer questions that others (mostly those that are new to vegetarian diets and meals) may have.  We decided that it would be great to get together for a vegetarian/vegan pot luck.  I decided to get things started, I would host the first get together, and since it just happened to be the first weekend in March, this was perfect timing for National Nutrition Month.

Everyone was instructed to prepare their favorite dish (or 2 or 3!) and then provide me with the recipe so I could calculate out the nutrition information and compile a cookbook.  Foods were to be vegetarian or vegan friendly.  I had a hard time scheduling around everyone's schedule, and there were a few conflicts, but in the end we had 4 families attend.  Hopefully next time we will have a bigger turnout.

Here's what was served at the potluck:

I made a Very Veggie Bean Soup.
And I made my raspberry lemonade tofu pie!
There was a broccoli and cauliflower bake.
This is a tofu pot pie with a pumpkin crust.
It was really good!
These are molasses ginger cookies.
This is a vegetarian gumbo, with tofu.
It was so good!  It was served with rice, and then hard boiled eggs on the side, so you could add them if you wanted.
Last up is a vegan chili, served with fritos and other toppings.
Everything was so good and I think we all had a really good time at the get together.  All foods wound up being vegan, with optional dairy and egg on the side, so that was really neat.  We had so many good choices.  It was a great way to share some healthy, meat free recipes and celebrate National Nutrition Month.

QUESTIONS:  If you were invited to a vegetarian/vegan potluck, what would you bring?  Have you done anything to celebrate National Nutrition Month?  What was on your plate today?


Astra Libris said...

SO awesome, Melinda!! I wish we had a veg group here on our base! :-)

Special K said...

Okay, that pumpkin crust looks super tasty. I am wondering how it was made (vegan or veggie?)

I haven't done anything for nutritional month, but I am making some vegan carrot orange cupcakes as we speak. I love Sundays, listening to NPR, walking...and BAKING.

Fun TIMES you are having

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Everything sounds wonderful!!! Actually, I've been thinking more and more about possible vegetarian recipes to do once a week with Nick. I came up ways to use portobella mushrooms, such as in a sandwich, and more ways to use tempeh (such as in stir-fry or other fun sandwiches). I think I would do tempeh sloppy joes if I had to bring something to a potluck.

sophia said...

I have to be honest, Melinda, I don't think I'd ever be attending (nor invited to a vegan potluck, hahaha! Everything in your party sounds lovely though!

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