Is it Spring Yet?

Let me start of by saying...thank you Mother Nature for the great April Fool's joke you are playing on us here in Japan!  Last Friday it actually started to feel like Spring.  So then why on earth does it look like this outside now:
Ok, that picture is not from today, but that is identical to what it currently looks like, and I decided to spare myself more pictures of that scene.

Let me mention that I have fared fairly well in the snow this year given that snow is not my friend.  In fact, I moved from Baltimore to Las Vegas to avoid winter type weather.  But of course, you can't tell the military you only want warm duty stations, so I suppose it was going to be inevitable.  I did, however, tell Ryan if we were to go somewhere cold it had to be somewhere overseas because snow in the US was just not going to cut it for me!  I suppose really anywhere that has a lot to offer will do because it needs to be a really cool location in order for me to brave the winter.  Japan certainly fits the bill, so I can suck it up during the winter to just get the incredible awesome experience of living overseas, particularly in Japan.

But come on's April 1st!

I am so ready for spring after all the snow this winter.  I read online the average where we are is only 145 inches, and last I checked we had just passed the 200 inch mark.

Just to give you an idea about the snow, here are some pictures from throughout this past winter.

At least Ginger likes the snow.  I was happy to discover that.  This was her first winter since I adopted her in Las Vegas.
IMG 0958
Another shot from my living room balcony.
IMG 0959
Out my bedroom balcony window.
IMG 0960
I went to bed with no snow that day, and came out to find this much snow.
IMG 0963
Parking lot.
IMG 0964
Ginger having fun in the snow.
IMG 0965
Ryan's car, covered in snow.
IMG 0966
My car covered in snow.
IMG 0971
More of Ginger.
IMG 0999
Notice there are people running in the background.  I really thought they were nuts because the roads and side walks weren't fully cleared yet.  I found out later there was a 5K that morning, and it seems as though no one cancelled it!
IMG 1001
My car with a nice pile built up in front of it.
IMG 1026
Now, all I ask for is a little sunshine and warmth!

QUESTIONS:  Did you experience a typical winter for your area?  Do you live in a snowy area?  What is your favorite season?


Special K said...

I was in Vienna a few hours ago and it lightly snowed, then cleared to cloudy, and then a bit sunny. So tempramental! I somewhat love the unpredictiable feeling of the season....

Unknown said...

Actually, it didn't snow much here this winter! I think my favorite season is fall - temperature-wise, but in reality, probably summer b/c there are usually vacations involved ;-)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

We had snow maybe three days this year, but with how strange the weather has been I wouldn't be surprised if we got it again (even after the 80 degree weather we already had!). I actually missed having snow. I do like nice weather, but I also love snow, I won't lie (I think it helps that I don't have to drive far for work in the morning!).

Dennis said...

Thank god I didn't see a single flake of snow here this year. It's fun to watch it fall but snow on the ground is a royal pain.

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