Using Up my Garden

Wow, I had time for one more post before starting with my Australia series!  Since I was getting ready to head out of town for a while (and Ryan is busy with work), I had to use up everything in the garden that was ready to be eaten for fear that it would go bad while I was away.  This meant that I needed to pick my first eggplant, even if it was small.
I was cleaning our the fridge, too, and discovered I had some corn tortillas that were still good.  So, I cut up the eggplant.
Chopped some mushrooms that were still my fridge.
And then chopped up one of the tomatoes from our garden.
I decided to cook the veggies in some olive oil and turn it into tacos.
I started with my pretty eggplant, and then added in my mushrooms.  I used a little bit of olive oil too.
When those were mostly cooked all the way, I added in the tomatoes and warmed them a little bit.
It was so simple!  Then I put it in the tortillas and I was ready to go.
Well, I was ready to go until I realized that I had some cheese to get rid of too.
This were absolutely amazing!  I need to make these again and again!

QUESTIONS:  Did you have a garden this year?  If you could grow only 1 thing in your backyard, what would it be?  What do you like in your tacos?


eatingrd said...

Looks Great! I love black beans and veggies in my tacos. Love simple meals like that.

Unknown said...

Good for you that you have it on your garden. Didn't you know that eggplants avoids cancer. And that is where an alternative pancreatic cancer treatment comes in.

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