Not Much Cooking

Actually, there is probably more cooking in my kitchen than in my actual life!

True story, I have just been very busy with working and school that I have not had much time to blog or even taken many pictures.  But I did realize that it has been over a week now since my last post, so I figured I might as well just post these few pictures I have collected since my return from Australia.  Trust me though, it's pretty boring!

First, I actually do have something that may impress you.  Edamame bagel!  Yes, you read that right.  The Japanese not only made a bagel, but they put edamame inside.  Guess what?  Amazing!  Absolutely.  Now, next time I am passing through Haneda airport, I know what I am stocking up on.  Yes, again, you read that right.  I found edamame bagels in the Japanese airport.
When I was in Australia I shipped home a box filled with all the things I picked up from the conference.  As always, lots of samples.
Has anyone heard of or tried this apple before?  Cripps Pink?  All I know is that it came from New Zealand (love how I travelled from that area all the way back to Japan and then bought this apple) and it tastes wonderful.  I was definitely a fan.
Next is something that may impress you, too.  This is the pottery I painted before I went to Australia.  When I came back it was fired and ready for me to pick up.  I love it!  These are sushi plates with chopstick rests and a soy sauce container.
This next picture probably has you drooling already.  This is the chocolate PB tofu pie that I made for an auction.  I had donated it and the lucky winner got to enjoy this with her family.
I guess I should have something filled with vegetables to follow the very decadent dessert.  This is a pretty salad I made for dinner one night.  I love all the colors.
On my salad I used this salad dressing.  Sadly, I wasn't really a fan.  I had a coupon, and I am glad I tried it, but I probably won't get it again.
Cottage cheese and fruit, anyone?  This is one of my favorite snacks.  Really anything with kiwi is a favorite of mine.
Then comes this delicious pasta dish I made.  Whole wheat rotini (from, shrimp with garlic and olive oil, and some tomatoes.  Yum!
I always enjoy a nice breakfast for dinner.  These are egg "tacos" with eggplant and a little cheese.
Last up is something that was made for me as a gift.  From my next door neighbor.  It was super sweet of her to think of me and share her baked goods.  I do love banana bread, so it was very welcome in my home.
Lots more exciting things coming up, but for now...boring!

QUESTIONS:  How are things for you? Boring or Exciting?  Do you ever bake for your neighbors?  What kind of dressing do you use on your salad?


Biz said...

I am not much of a baker, but I do make a good banana bread too - its my MIL's recipe. :D

Paul Newman's light balsamic is my favorite salad dressing - hope you are enjoying your weekend!

skin consultant said...

My passion is making exclusive food.
So glad i found your site, do you update it regularly so i can get new ideas?

Good luck

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