My Guest Post on The Scoop on Nutrition

Just checking in.  While I have been busy hanging out with my husband after his return home, I have had some time to do some writing.  Of course all of this writing has been for other websites.  I have really enjoyed these opportunities to share my expertise on nutrition and a little about life in Japan.  My most recent piece just went up over at The Scoop on Nutrition, an awesome nutrition website/blog run by Emma Stirling from Australia.  Although I wasn't able to meet up with her at ICD, I do follow her on Twitter, and you should too (@EmmaStirling).  

So head on over and check out my post: 7 Healthy Lessons to Eat Like the Japanese

I'll be back soon with more on life in Japan, good eats, travel and nutrition.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been a guest blogger before?  Would you like to write a guest post for my blog?  Feel free to share the link(s) for your guest posts on other blogs.


Gina; The Candid RD said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, MElinda, I will check out the link you provided for me to read. I will also check out your guest post....who wouldn't know how to eat healthy like the Japanese?! I made sushi cones this week :) That's a start!

joshef halw said...
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joshef halw said...
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chris jhon said...

Awesome blog! Now In anticipation of a follow-up ….

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