Making Juice

I know, I know, it's been a while again.  I wish I had more exciting news, but it's really just been busy with work and with school.  But, the good news is that things are slowing down and I am gearing up for a trip back to the States.
In the meantime, Ryan purchased us a fun juicer on Black Friday (and it didn't arrive until January!).  I am not a huge fan of juicing (as a diet aide or "lifestyle", and I would advocate to eat the fruits and veggies first and foremost, but juice, especially fresh made, can be a nutritious part of any diet. 

I really like our juicer because it is an extractor, not just a "squeezer" style machine.  The fiber from the pulp can be easily added back in.  Plus, you can make almond milk in it!
Fruit around here is so expensive that thinking about juicing it seems like a waste of money (at $2 something an apple that becomes the most expensive glass of apple juice ever!), so when I found a big bag of oranges for just under $4 I knew we had to start off with some nice, fresh OJ.
This was not what I was expecting.  In fact, I was a bit impressed by the color and consistency.
Juice, juice, juice and a little while later we had this amazingly creamy OJ.
But, alas, it was a Saturday night and we couldn't wait until Sunday with breakfast.  So what did we do?
Yes, we made homemade screwdrivers...and it was one of the best drinks I have ever had!

QUESTIONS:  Do you have a juice or make your own juice?  Have you ever made your own almond milk?  Any fun plans this weekend?


Unknown said...

You just dont hear about people drinking screwdrivers anymore! I'm glad you are bringing them back - I love 'em! xo!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Great use for you homemade orange juice! :)

We have a juicer, but I don't use it very often. I like green juices, but it's so expensive to juice. I think I'll juice more again in the summer.

Jessie said...

Homemade screwdrivers - I like the way you think, Melinda! ;) Happy RD Day!

Rachel Lynn said...

I LOVE juicing... I've always had a hard time "liking" veggies. I eat a few, but never enough. Until juice. LOVE IT. I drink 32 oz everyday of green juice (which includes some fruit to sweeten it). Won't go back.


Janelle Cook said...

Hi, I'm Janelle! I found your blog while searching for Air Force wife blogs because I will be marrying my Airman next year! It's great to read about the day-to-day life of others who are going through similar things. I can't wait to read more! :)

Janelle ( )

Anonymous said...

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