Japan Bucket List Update

Back in December I put together my Japan bucket list.  These are things I hope to do while living in Japan. Now that January has some to a close I wanted to check back in with my list and let you know how I was doing.  If there is a post that I have to accompany the activity, I'll share the link here, just in case you are interested and missed seeing the post in the past.

1. Take Survival Japanese (November 2011)
2. Visit Tokyo (November 2011- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
3. Visit Kyoto
4. Visit Osaka
5. Sapporo Snow Festival
6. Ride the Shinkansen (November 2011) 
7. Go horse back riding
8. Learn to ski
9. Learn to snow board
10. Visit Hirosaki Castle for the Chrysanthemum Festival (November 2011- Click here)
11. Visit Hirosaki Castle for the Cherry Blossom Festival 
12. Aomori Nebuta Festival
13. Make okonomiyaki (December 2011- Click here)
14. Try takoyaki
15. Make my own sushi (December 2011- Click here)
16. Take Beyond Survival Japanese
17. Buy a kimono (December 2011)
18. Visit Oirase Gorge
19. Visit Big Buddha in Aomori (October 2011- Click here)
20. Visit Aomori Art Museum
21. Visit Towada Art Museum (October 2011- Click here)
22. Take a cruise on Lake Towada
23. See a snow monkey
24. Go snow shoeing
25. Take a trip to Thailand
26. Take a trip to Australia
27. Climb Mt. Fuji
28. Go to an onsen
29. Go to Tokyo Disney
30. See Tsukiji Market (November 2011- Click here)
31. Travel to South Korea
32. Go to Universal Studios (in Osaka)
33. Buy something with Hello Kitty on it (November 2011-Hello Kitty Hard Rock Shirt)
34. Write a blog post during an earthquake (any idea what just happened! LOL) (December 2011)
35. Visit Okinawa
36. Go to a Sumo tournament
37. Drive to Tokyo
38. Go to the beef and garlic festival
39. See the Ryusendo Caves
40. Volunteer for Tsunami/Earthquake relief (from 2011 Earthquake)
41. Go to a Japanese baseball game
42. Go ice skating
43. See Kabuki theater performance
44. Travel to Hawaii
45. Take the ferry to Hokkaido
46. Try green tea ice cream
47. Visit Sendai
48. Attend Shabbat services in Tokyo
49. Go apple picking
50. Go cherry picking
51. Visit a Buddhist Temple (August 2011- Click here)
52. Visit a Shinto Shrine (August 2011- Click here)
53. See the wild horses
54. Go to the Rokkasho Salmon Festival
55. Drink sake
56. Visit Tokyo National Museum (November 2011)
57. Visit Hiroshima
58. Visit Kenji World
59. Visit Morioka
60. Eat shabu shabu
61. Visit Tokyo Tower
62. Have a traditional vegetarian Buddhist meal
63. Buy fresh fish from a market
64. Buy an antique (January 2012)
65. Attend a tea ceremony
66. Dine Japanese style (sitting on the floor)
67. Go to a concert in Tokyo
68. Learn to use chopsticks (August 2011-This was a tough one for me, but I have it mastered now!)
69. Use a Japanese toilet (August 2011-Squatty Potty!)
70. Buy a heated toilet seat
71. Go hiking
72. Go camping
73. Visit Nagoya Castle
74. Visit Nagano
75. Visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo
76. Dine along Dotombori
77. Visit Ueno Zoo
78. Buy a Hard Rock shirt from all locations in Japan
79. Visit a Japanese beer brewery
80. Play a round of golf (all 18 holes!)
81. Drink apple wine
82. See a fire works display
83. Swim in the ocean
84. Visit Shipwreck Beach
85. Build a snow man
86. Eat tofu on a stick
87. Visit the Tokyo Sky Tree observation desk
88. Visit Disney Sea
89. See a professional Taiko drum performance
90. See the deer in Nara
91. Visit Sensoji Temple
92. See a Noh theater performance
93. Go dolphin and whale watching
94. Check out Harajuku
95. Sing karaoke
96. Eat a sea urchin
97. Make a kanji painting
98. Learn how to spell my name in Japanese
99. Ride the subway in Tokyo (November 2011)
100. Be a good ambassador

Well, that's what I have managed to do since we got here.  Actually, I have done a lot more than just this, but as for my list, that's as far as I have made it.  I have a big one on this list coming up too.  We are headed to the Sapporo Snow Festival this year.  I don't think I will get another post up before we leave, so don't worry if it looks like I disappeared for a week because I'm just on vacation and I'll be back soon...I promise!  Plus, I will have tons of cool pictures (I hope!) from the festival.

QUESTION:  What was the last thing you crossed off your bucket list (or similar...must see list)?  What did you do for the Super Bowl?


Unknown said...

you haven't had Sake yet??

eatingRD said...

Wow that is quite the list! Impressive! apple wine, shabu shabu, fish market, tea ceremony! so many good ones. hmmm I need to start thinking of a bucket list, but Italy was a good start. I went to a couple friends' parties and it was fun! Hope you are staying warm.

sophia said...

One of my friends is in Sendai..she told me how bitter-cold it is! Better wait till summer to visit...

And Hirosaki Castle?! Oooh...that just sounds so magical!

EA-The Spicy RD said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your list!! How long will you be in Japan?? I haven't really put together a list, but one of the things I still need to do is try and make gluten-free sourdough bread. And then maybe I'll try surfing this summer-I've sent almost all my life I'm Southern California, but have never tried surfing-how sad is that? Have fun on your trip!

Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian said...

What an impressive bucket list!
I love all that you've already accomplished.
Tofu on a stick!?! I am intrigued.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Wow, you've done so much in so little time, I'm so impressed!
So far I have crossed off "getting a job I love" (major to-do on my bucket list!). And also (almost) planning a wedding...ugh.
Another big one is finishing my label book. I'm SO CLOSE!

Special K said...

Oh! I am writing up a post about the 30 things I am going to experience in 30 months of the time I expect to be living here. One of them is to meet up with another blogger....
hopefully we'll harvest mussells together in France this summer!
You inspire me

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