Passover Friendly

Passover is now well in the past, but my pictures haven't been posted yet.  Yes, I am THAT far behind!

Passover started the night Ryan came home, and continued right up until that 6 course dinner we enjoyed.

Although I did not make this first meal during Passover, it would have worked, and in fact inspired a meal I did make during the holiday (and is also pictured below).

I started with some carrots and mushrooms.
Then I added in some bean sprouts.  I had never bought these before, but this bag was so cheap that I decided I needed to try them out.
The last veggie I added was some broccoli.
In the meantime, I was marinating my fish in some less sodium soy sauce and brushed it with some miso.
It made a really nice meal!  I am definitely making this again.
In fact, it was so good that I made a similar version during Passover, except I had potatoes and green beans on the side.
Last up is Matzo Brei, which is also called fried matzo, although I don't actually do any frying with mine.  It's more or less the Passover equivalent of French toast.

To start, you break up some matzo and soak it in water.
Then you dry it off and egg to beaten eggs.  It's a one to one ratio, so one egg for each slice of matzo.
Then you cook it in a frying pan, just like eggs.
Yum!  There are many ways to enjoy this dish, but I prefer mine dipped in jelly.
I could seriously eat this all year!

I didn't do too much else for special foods during the holiday.  Mostly I ate matzo ball soup, fruits and vegetables.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever tried matzo brei?  Have you ever been to a Passover seder?  What is your favorite holiday food?


Anonymous said...

sorry, I am anonymous again (it's Mer). I have been to and hosted many a Passover Seder! Didn't have any Matzo Brei this year, but Suburban House has it all year 'round ;-) I have no "fave" Passover food - but if I had to pick ,I'd go with Matzo ball Soup. Yummo!

Special K said...

Okay....Matzo Brei with nutella is very yummy. can you make HOMEMADE matzo?

Do you have options for celebrating your faith communally where you live?

Sesame seeds said...

Pics of dish are looking attractive & this dish is also seems to be tasty. Thanks for this sharing. I will have this soon. It would be nice if we receive more updates from you.

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