From the Market- And Giveaway Winner

Around here we have an outdoor market called the 9th day market, or the 9's market.  Curious why it's called this?  It only happens on days ending with a 9.  So each month, on the 9th, 19th and 29th, this market takes place.  

Only so often does it take place on a weekend, but the 29th of April was a Sunday, and this meant Ryan and I could both go to the market.  They sell produce and fish, as well as flowers and second hand kimonos.

Here are the lovely goods we purchased.
String beans!
Sweet potatoes!
And finally, flowers!  We purchased some flowers and when we got home Ryan arranged them for me into this lovely bouquet for our anniversary.
Now, let's see some of what I did with the produce we bought.

I love mushrooms, so I started off with these.
I decided to make a mushroom and swiss omelet.
Since I learned how to make a really nice looking omelet (interestingly I learned from a Japanese chef), I have been making them more often.
Sadly, this time, I burnt it a little.  I had a stove (small fire, no damage) issue and had to switch burners and deal with the smoke (I forgot I dropped something under the burner and it managed to sort of catch fire, just a little) and in the mean time, the omelet kept on cooking in the hot pan.  It still tasted good though!
Next up, I cooked the string beans, sweet potato and mushrooms together with a little soy sauce.  Yummy!  I love Japanese sweet potatoes.  They are orange inside, but purple outside.
Last up, I am sharing this picture, and of course it is not from the market.  This was my first time trying out buckeyes.  I won them in an auction to raise money for a bus to help transport people living in one of the cities still heavily affected by the earthquake and tsunami last year.  Not only did I win these tasty treats, but I also auctioned off a 1 hour nutrition counseling session.  They ended up raising a lot of money for this very worthy cause.
And now for the moment everyone has been waiting for...the winner of The Muffin Tin Cookbook...

using, the lucky winner was number 1...Michelle from What a Dish!  Congrats!

Thank you to everyone the entered.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever tried buckeyes?  Do you have a local farmer's market that you visit?  What is your favorite way to prepare sweet potatoes?

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Special K said...

I LOVE the idea of having a market on different days of the week. I super miss having a market to that I could walk to. I would consider buying a home near one just to elevate my quality of life. ONE DAY....

I wanted that cookbook! Oh well! Maybe I'll start using my flower pots as cooking dishes as a ton of plants have perished.

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