Fresh Gelato in Rural Japan

Just a quick post so I can prove I haven't dropped off the planet.  I swear, I am still here, just very, very, very busy with things.

Just before things cooled off here in northern Japan, Ryan and I went to find a farm about 30 minutes away that makes fresh gelato from the cows on their farm.  This is rare to find in Japan and I have no idea why it took us 2 years to try this place.

It is called Namiki farms.  The sign inside says that they make their gelato fresh each morning from the milk from their Jersey cows.
All I can say is YUM!  This is some of the best gelato I have had outside of Italy.  It was perfect.  In fact, it was amazing.  I had cookies and cream and chocolate.  And can you believe this only cost me $3?!?!  They had fun flavors too, like tomato.  
Once we had our cones we walked around the property.

This sculpture definitely freaked me out!
Anyway, I just uploaded my pictures from my 2 week trip to the States.  This includes stuff from FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo) and my best friend's wedding.  I was so honored to be a bridesmaid and thrilled that I was actually able to attend.

And have a Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe!

QUESTIONS:  What are you Halloween plans?  What is the best gelato you have ever tried?

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