Little of this, little of that

Thanks everyone for your compliments on our tortellini adventures.  It was a tough battle, but next time we will do it in much less time.  I am glad I was able to inspire some of you to try making pasta in your home too.  The tortellini was the first of what we hope will be one meal cooked from scratch everyweekend.  This morning we picked out the recipes for this weekends meal, so pictures to follow in a few days, assuming all goes well.

I have some pictures for the past few days that I haven't had a chance to post yet, hence the post title of a little of this and a little of that.

With the remaining sauce from our tortellini, we had some mroe pasta.  I am getting all pasta-d out, eh, but not quite yet.  I bought this fun color pasta at Harry and David's last time I was at home.

Love the colors.

The left over sauce

They look like artwork!

and it made a tasty dinner.

When we paid our rent for January we were again given a loaf of bread.  I am about 99% sure this is the Portuguese sweet bread.  It is a sweet bread, but I just can't be sure it is THE sweet bread they are know for.  My guess is answer!

Oh, these next few pictures I just discovered on my iPhone.  A few weeks ago we went to a furniture store and I took some pics of the kitchen set ups.  These are some that I really liked.

This is a stone that is heated and you serve meat on it.  Not sure about the complete function of it, but I know it heats meat.

Fun plate settings

Haha, I love the hot pink chairs.  Not so sure Ryan would like if I had these in the house.  Probably a little to girly!

Oh, ok, back to some eats.  The other morning I decided to use of the smoked salmon I purchased...the kind in the foil pack that stays good for years.  I decided to make it similar to a bagel with cream cheese and lox.  This was super yummy.

Most days this week I enjoyed this snack after my gym workout.  I will say I have stuck to my goal this week for the new year.  My goal is to work out or be active (I count hiking and things like that as "working out" not just going to the gym) 4 days of the week.  My problem is the time, so I have been trying to make the time, and this week I was successful.  I still have the weekend and I plan to fit in a workout video.

I have been working at the school almost everyday, so yesterday I needed to grab a quick lunch since I was asked to stay all afternoon too.  I went to the commissary and picked up this fruit cup and a pretzel roll.  For grocery store prepackaged fruit I was impressed this was just under $3.00 for my whole meal/snack.  I knew we were going to dinner so I didn;t want to go overboard on the lunch.  This hit the spot.

QUESTION: Do you like to go into furniture stores and kitchenware stores (not all the time, but on occassion) and just look at all the set ups and new products out there?  I think it is fun sometimes just to see.  The one store we went to was like walking through a museum.  It was pretty cool.


Gina; The Candid RD said...

I don't usually go to kitchen and/or furniture stores, unless I am planning on buying something. At the time, we just don't have room in our apartment for anything new, nor do we have the money! Shopping just makes me sad...haha, pathetic. When we move, however, I will do much more shopping and photo taking, so we can figure out how to decorate our new home. I think it's a good idea, rather than making hasty decisions. I think the pink chairs would scare a guy off, Nick would shoot me. Seriously, he would laugh out loud, then request that they be sent back! They are cute though :)

Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

The interesting thing about Portuguese sweet bread as we know it in the States is that it's actually different depending on where in the US you get it. New England Portuguese sweet bread is eggier than the sweet bread you would get in Texas or the Southwest. But that does look like what I would think of as Portuguese Sweet Bread.

I love to go into Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma. Noel gives me a time limit though, because especially at WS I could stare at the fancy appliances all day!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The colorful pasta looks so beautiful! Almost too beautiful too eat...

I love the furniture store pics! And yes, I enjoy walking through furniture stores very much (but it rarely happens these days...).

Happy Weekend! :)

chow and chatter said...

great job on the Italian and love the pasta isn't it fun learning new cooking LOL

Anonymous said...

I love going furniture and kitchenware shopping, yep! I wish I could afford to redecorate more often!

Mari said...

I love going to furniture stores etc! Especally Ikea lol...sometimes I hate coming back home though, I want to live in one of their demo apartments lol

Unknown said...

Spent the better part of an hour in Crate and Barrel today. Best part of my day - wish I could take everything home with meeeee! Can I register AGAIN?? LOL!!

sophia said...

That pasta is gorgeous. So beautiful. Just a dab of butter and pepper on that pasta, and it's good to go.

I don't like furniture stores that much, but I could spend hours in a kitchenware store!

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