NYC Bound

Whenever I head to NYC on the bus that leaves super early in the morning, I hit up my local Dunkin Donuts.  This time was no different.  After ordering an egg white and cheese shandwich on an english muffin, I noticed they had veggie sausage.  That is so cool.  If you are wondering why, there is a very good explanation.  See, this location is actually kosher, and they are a dairy establishment, so they can't and won't serve meat.  As an alternative, they are now offering veggie sausage.
Thankfully I slept for most of the time on the bus up to NYC.  When I got there, we got right to business and headed out shopping and then towards lunch.  When we got off the subway we found the Greenmarket at Union Square.  This was an awesome treat.  It was tough because of the unseasonable high temperatures, but it was still worth it to walk through all of the great stands.  We got lucky because they are only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Here are some pictures of the stands.
Look at the fugi apple juice.
These molasses ginger cookies were heavenly.  I am so glad we took some home with us.
If you are a pickle person, or a fan of anything pickled, you must try Rick's Picks.  I did get a nice sample, and then bought some for Ryan and my mom.  Yes, I will enjoy them too.  I am hoping they can ship to me because there were so many more products I wanted to try.
Jams and jellies galore from a variety of places.
I did get some blueberry ginger jam, but from a different stand.  I just love ginger and it was great with the blueberry.  I am sure the jams at this stand were good too.
All of these products were made using free range chicken eggs.
Pretzels!!!  Samples here too and they were really good.  I am so glad I waited until after Passover to go visit my aunt in New York.
More cookies.
I love ginger anything.  Seriously!
Holy mushrooms!
These were gorgeous.
If you are looking for good bread, check this market out when you are in NYC because there were so many good choices.
After the market, we headed to lunch.  On the way I spotted this pub and could not resist taking a picture for Ryan.
Lunch was at Angelica Kitchen.  The cuisine here is organic plant based, as per their website, but I could clearly see that for myself, and this made me happy and hungy. 
We ordered two items and split them.  I am so glad my aunt enjoys this kind of food just as much as my sister and I enjoy this.  This is the chili with corn bread.  This is some seriously good chili, but some MAJORLY delicious corn bread.
Next up was the wrapsody, which is a wrap, haha, get it, a wrap.  Ok, nevermind.  This was equally as good as the chili.  Both were excellent choices.
But, I managed to save room for dessert at Stogo.  They sell organic, dairy free ice cream.  For those of you with a gluten intolerance, this is the place for you because they can make an ice cream sandwich with gluten free cookies.
I tried 3 flavors before getting...
The chocolate chip cookie.  This was so good.  If you are in the area, you have got to check this out.
I swear we did other stuff before dinner.  We even watched TV and I got some work done.  Then we headed to Blue Fin.  We were so impressed with this place when we went with my grandparents back in October.  I am happy to say my new camera took much better pictures in the dim light than my old camera did the last time we ate here.
Rolls, yet again, why I waited until after Passover.
This is for my lobster bisque.  Look at all of that lobster.
Here is my lobster bisque.  I loved the presentation, but I loved the soup even more.  This is the best lobster bisque I have ever had.
My aunt ordered the branzini.  If you have never had this fish before, you are missing out.  This is from the Mediterranean and it is so nice and light.  It comes in nice boneless filets.
I had this sweet pea filled ravioli dish that had mushrooms and fava beans.  It was good, although a little sweet.  I happen to like sweet so I didn't really mind.
Since the restaurant is in Times Square, we also stopped by the Hershey store.  I love the vintage packaging.
Here I am, the happy dietitian, showcasing some delicious chocolate, which we all know is OK in moderation.
QUESTIONS:  Have you ever eaten in a kosher restaurant?  Have you ever visited the Hershey store?  Are you a pickle person?  Do you like ginger?


Morgan said...

Obvi, I've eaten in kosher restaurants :) Does my own kitchen count to?
I love the Hershey store, but the one on Chicago is out of this world! My husband and BFF got to help the chef decorate a giant cupcake, then he gave it to us to eat. YUM!

Ana said...

I have never eaten at a kosher restaurant. I have a friend who keeps kosher and it is very difficult for her to eat out because there aren't many, if any, Kosher restaurants around this area :(

Nicole, RD said...

Blueberry ginger jam? Drool! Jams and jellies are my favorite non-produce purchase at farmer's markets. The mushroom selection looks amazing, as well!

And Dunkin Donuts with veggie sausage?! TOO COOL! I heard recently (from a patient, go figure!) that Subway is serving breakfast now. They're doing something similar to DD it sounds like...egg whites on an English muffin. Much better than McD's options, I'm sure!

I love ginger, and certainly not picky! Even though it's 9:15am, I would happily eat that lobster bisque right now!! Mmmm!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

That market is astounding...I have a love/hate relationship with the giganticness of New York...The love is that they have gigantic markets like that one! All of the food looks wonderful!

I'm a ginger and pickle person...and yes, I've visited the Hershey store! I've also visited the Hershey plant in Hershey PA because it's relatively near me.

Astra Libris said...

Ooooh, I know exactly the Dunkin Doughnuts you went to - I've been there many a time before too!! Toooo cool! :-) My parents keep very strict kosher, and only eat at kosher restaurants, so when I visit them in Baltimore we often stop at that Dunkin Doughnuts... :-) Way cool that they have veggie sausage - I'm looking forward to trying that option now! :-)

Ohhhhh, the NYC market looks incredible... Your photos are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! YAY for incredible meals and dairy-free ice cream, too! :-)

Beth said...

Those pictures of the Greenmarket...I'm drooling. Only three more weekends until the Baltimore Farmer's Market reopens--I can't wait!

Mari said...

WOW you did more in NYC in a day than I have done in a week! I am yet to go to a farmers market! I am a bad bad NY'er lol

Simply Life said...

wow! everything there looks so good! i want some of that jam! :)

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