Pizza and Ice Cream Private Party

Can you believe there are still restaurants on this island that we haven't tried yet?  I am actually amazed that things keep popping up.  We discovered a new place in Angra the other night simply because we were on foot.  But this place I am about to show you is not a new discover, it is just one we have not been to yet.  This was actually all the way back to last Monday and with class all week, this is the only night we had to enjoy dinner together.  Plus, it was raining.  When I say raining, I really mean down pouring like nothing you have ever seen before.  Oh, and this the location of where I pulled my car off the road during the Big Oopsie of 2010.  I did see that lots of people were inside eating, so that was enough to think the food had to be somewhat decent and that we should go back sometime.

So, it has been a couple months since then, but we were now ready to dine at La Traviata.  Yes, Italian again!
I loved the colors and decor inside.  It was very bright and cheerful.  This what just what we needed on a really rainy day.
Ryan ordered a pizza.  The crust was really thin, but he enjoyed it.  The disappointing part was that they were out of artichokes and that was what Ryan really wanted on his pizza.  Oh well, plain cheese instead.
Now, I ordered a veggie crepe.  This was not what I was expecting based on the name veggie crepe.
This was indeed a crepe underneath all of that cheese baked on top.  Inside the veggies were more like a pot pie with potato, peas and carrots.  Although it was not what I was expecting, and it was loaded with cheese and starchy veggies, I will say it was really good.  I was only able to eat half, which was probably a good thing.
Later on that night, Ryan and I watched a movie.  Therefore, it was definitely an ice cream kinda night.  But I didn't want just ice cream, or yogurt in this case, so I made a sundae.  In went the cookies and then the ice cream.
The came the peanut butter, oh yeah!
Sometimes, especially in really yucky weather, you just need to indulge in a pizza and ice cream party.

Friday afternoon was a big difference from Monday, in terms of weather.  It was so nice outside that I could not resist taking my textbook to the beach and getting a coffee while sitting outside at a cafe.  The previous week I also came to this same cafe, but I sat inside on the couches because it was cold and windy outside.  Here is the cafe, actually cafe/bar.  There are tables inside and outside.  The back is decorated with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and a car.
I ordered a coffee.  Actually it is a meia da leite.
This is the view from where I was sitting at the cafe.  Directly across is the marina, but it is just next to the beach.
In case anyone was interested, my course is in adolescent issues in human relations.  I am very interested in this since I am currently working at the school here and have middle and high-schoolers.  I had to read over the chapter I am reviewing in the class for discussion, so I took my textbook to the cafe.  Here is my lovely textbook.
QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite rainy day food?  What was your favorite textbook in college, grad school, or any other course?


Beth said...

I love soup on rainy days. well on sunny ones too!

Sook said...

Pizza and icecream.. sounds awesome!

Mari said...

I really love the decor of that Italian restaurant and that pizza looks so great!

Simply Life said...

My favorite rainy day food is definitely homemade soup!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I would have been bummed too if they didn't have artichokes!! I love those things, I eat them straight out of the jar sometimes.

The sundae is right up my alley. On a rainy day (like yesterday) I enjoy red wine and vanilla ice cream. Or, at least that's what I had last night!

Unknown said...

well, i don't have a fave rainy day food, but my fave snowy day food is making mac and cheese!

favorite and textbook should never be used in the same sentence...

we are making tamales today so get exited for some "from scratch" pics!

Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

Artichoke pizza's is my hubby's fave pizza!!! He just can't seem to have enough of it :)
My rainy day snack would definitely be some 'pakoda'(fried vegetable fritters) or 'samosas' with a cup of hot chai!!
My bible in college was the 'Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition' book by Robinson and Lawler-I paid a bomb for it(as it was shipped from the US)and will treasure it all my life ;)

Anonymous said...

When it is raining, I love soup or a hot drink, like hot chocolate or a coffee drink. Even though it isn't food, I think a good book pairs perfectly with rainy weather!
Have a great day!

Julie said...

atleast one time in life i need to sit outside at a cafe and have coffee in gorgeous weather! can you believe that i've never done that!

no artichokes! thats cuhrazed.

sophia said...

Soup MUST be had on a rainy day. That's the only time I really crave soup, actually. Despite my blog name, I don't like to slurp my food, I like to chew them! :-)

Wow, that crepe...looks fantastic! Haha, all that cheese would be a GOOD surprise for me for sure!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love soups when it's rainy. Favorite textbook? I LOVED my abnormal psych book...

Special K said...

Tofu Soup, or movie with a popcorn bowl nd nutritional yeast.

Hey, I am wondering if you could check out my Gimme Your stuff page...any chance you'd like to host a little exchange with me?

MelissaNibbles said...

Love the decor in the restaurant. Funky!

Anonymous said...

Cream of tomato soup with an ooey, gooey grilled cheese!

My goodness, your dish should have just been called cheese with a side of veggies! But I would have been all over it!

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