Sending You an Island View

I know so many of you are getting some crazy snowfall.  I thought to welcome in the 3 day weekend I would share with you some pictures of the island to brighten your day.  Don’t worry, my weather isn’t all that great right now (today sunny, otherwise it has been very, very windy and rainy).  Most of these pictures were taken in the non-rainy season, AKA the summer time.  I just thought they might cheer us all up to look at and allow for a few minute mini-mind-vacation to the Azores. 

You may not know where the Azores are located, so let me fill you in.  The Azores are a group of 9 islands in the Atlantic ocean, about 900 miles from Lisbon and 2200 from NYC.  We are out there!  Life if different here, with everything on “island time” and some folks still living in what we would consider the olden days, or rather quite ancient.  It is not uncommon for me when driving my car, that I need to turn on my blinker and signal to pass an 80 year old farmer riding down the road on a donkey carrying his 2 jugs of fresh milk, or even the donkey pulling the man in a cart, complete the dog you would expect to see in the movies or old pictures.  Sometimes I think I am stuck in a time warp and it could be the 1800’s (or earlier).  Buildings here carry dates that go back to before Christopher Columbus ever left Europe.  It really is a unique experience to live here and I am glad and lucky to have had this opportunity.  So, I hope these pictures can do some justice to the beauty and culture of the island where I currently live.  Enjoy!

These are some coastal shots.  The island is oval shaped and about 18x12 miles.  We have only 1 real beach here, and most edges are rocky cliffs.
Since we have limited beaches, the locals have made natural swimming holes where there is easy access off the rocks and into the water.
This was taken a little further inside the island, but still has an ocean view.
This is known as split rock, for the obvious reasons.
Here are some locals preparing for their towns festival during the festival season (May-October).  They are using stencils to be filled in with colorful flower petals to make a design in the road.
From up high you can get great shots of the second largest city on the island, Praia da Vitoria.  There are really only 2 cities, and the rest are towns/villages.
I couldn’t resist sharing some of the beautiful color flowers we have around here.
Or the many colors of fruits and vegetables.  This was taken at a local market in Angra do Heroismo, the capital of the island.
This is not an unusual scene either.  There are tons of cows and bulls roaming around.  Mostly the cows are for dairy. 
This is a pond at the park in Angra do Heroismo.
Occasionally you can spot some wild life.  This was taken in Serreta, which is the main forrest area.  When you are driving along the coastal road and approach this area, the scenery and climate changes drastically.
The island is mostly Catholic, and there are churches all over the place.
This is the local organic farm.  Probably the largest, or at least most well known on the island.
Some times, especially in winter, the winds get heavy and you can see waves in what is usually a very calm ocean.
Here are some pictures from driving around.
Like I said, they love their cows here.
We even have waterfalls.
Last, but not least, here is a rainbow to brighten your day.
Happy Friday!

QUESTIONS:  Are you having snow?  Any special plans for the 3 day weekend?


Emily said...

thanks for sharing your photos; they definitely make me wish for warmer weather. :)

I think I would enjoy the pace of life in the would be nice to slow down and appreciate things I miss by having a crazy schedule. I love that you are near water, too. Since I have grown up in MI, it's something that I really crave.

We have lots of snow here! I think we got another 3" tonight. No big plans this weekend...just relaxing and enjoying the snow. ;)

Simply Life said...

oh those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Such wonderful pictures! They definitely brightened my evening :) I actually LOVE the first rainbow shot. It's very subtle, but I see it, and I love it. What an amazing place to live (well, for a while at least....).

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Gosh those views are amazing! I am just loving that beautiful rainbow!
The weather today in Vegas was so nice. Of course the day I wear a sweater!

Lori said...

Oh I love your photos! Thank you so much for sharing. The gorgeous green landscape and blue ocean are stunning. I love winter, but could never tire of the ocean.

It looks like the family is making what our Brazilian friends translate as carpets. Those are amazing! They would make them around the cathedral in Maringa on Corpus Cristi and I know it is huge in Ouro Preto for Easter.

Love the picture of the cow too! We've been getting a lot of snow for central KY which means 2 or 3 inches every couple weeks or so. Not big accumulations, but enough to be gorgeous and not affect the roads to badly which is my kind of winter. :)

Unknown said...

sooo not a 3-day weekend for us! the snow is melting actually! we are having kind of a lazy weekend but we have Brian's wedding tonight @ Gray Rock. who gets married in January? OR during the playoffs? HAHA! hope you have a good weekend, see U soon!

PS - the best part of your island life is the cows :)

Melissa said...

These gorgeous photos are making me extremely jealous! :) I want to leave dreary, snowy, COLD Boston right now.

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