Did someone say panko?

In one of my orders from Nuts Online I purchased panko bread crumbs.  I really wanted to use them as a topping for baked mac and cheese, and they don’t sell them on the island.  Therefore, I had to buy them online.

Two weekends ago I got a craving for some honey panko shrimp.  I had no idea if these existed anywhere other than in my head, but I was determined to make these work.  At the same time I was dreaming these up, Ryan and I were watching the Food Network, and on the Ultimate Recipe Showdown, the lady was making katsu chicken and using panko.  Knowing he had chicken in the house (very unusual for us because it means he is cooking all of it for himself only-plus we planned to do those tacos again), he realized how much he missed katsu chicken and how badly he wanted it.  His panko breaded chicken and my panko breaded shrimp would make the perfect weekend meal.  Technically, this is from scratch, but I certainly did not make the breadcrumbs myself.

I did find some recipes online for honey panko shrimp and just adjusted them and combined them to create what I could.  First I marinated the shrimp in honey, garlic powder and red pepper flakes. 
I was using the cooked shrimp again because I need to use them up before trying out the uncooked shrimp.
While I was doing that, Ryan got started on his chicken.  So, how do we exist in the same kitchen?  We were on opposite sides using our own work spaces.
Here is Ryans breading station.  Flour first (with some seasoning added), then egg, then the panko.   Mine looked similar on the other side.
The chicken breaded very nicely.
DSC08873  DSC08875
Ryan was first for frying.  Again to answer how we survive in the same kitchen, Ryan went first with his own pan and oil.  I waited so that his chicken oil did not snap, crackle and pop into my oil.
Since he was first to fry, I started on the rice.  We wanted to serve this the way he had katsu chicken at the Hawaiian (and possibly at the sushi place too) restaurant (more like fast-food) in Las Vegas.  It comes with rice and a fried egg.  I think this is the traditional Hawaiian way to serve it, but I could be wrong on that and that could just be how it is served at the Hawaiian restaurant on the mainland.
Ryan’s chicken came out perfectly.  It was just the right color and crispiness.
 DSC08878 DSC08880
Then it was my turn.  Here are my breaded shrimp.
Next up was my turn with the oil.  As I said, this was a new pan.
Mine came out a nice golden color too.  Some were extra crispy, but I didn’t mind.
Then came time to try the eggs.  In an effort to conserve, we reused the oil from the pans we did the frying in.  So Ryan made him an egg in his pan and then made me mine in my pan.  He was even so good as to use 2 different spatulas and switch between.  I was impressed he remembered and never “cross-contaminated”.
Then we plated it up and it was time to enjoy.  Ryan said this was the best chicken he every had.  He will definitely be making this again.
My shrimp were really good too.  The sweetness from the honey worked so well with the panko breading.
So what do you do after an insanely good home cooked meal?
That’s right, we had strawberries and champagne for dessert.

What a perfect evening!

QUESTIONS:  Do you use panko?  Have you ever had katsu chicken?  What would you do with panko bread crumbs?


Beth said...

We use panko all the time! Noel loves to bread chicken in it then bake it in the oven.

And strawberries and champagne for dessert--perfect!

Emily said...

i've never used panko before, but it's funny how inspiring the food network can be. :)looks like you and ryan combined for a winning meal.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Sounds perfect! And what a great way to end the meal...strawberries and champagne, how romantic!

I have never used Panko bread crumbs, even though I always say I want to try them. I wish they came in wheat free varieties!

Unknown said...

i like panko on top of baked ziti! i think i have a coupon 4 panko @ Wegs :)

Special K said...

Last time I panko-ed it was CHEESE! Yeah! Cheese...and yum, yum, yum, yum, yum...panko brie and top with jam and dip with mary gone crackers. HELLLO!

Jessie said...

What a meal, especially ending with the strawberries and champagne! I've never thought of honey panko shrimp, but now that you've made it, it makes total sense! I'm glad they turned out well and that there was no "cross-contamination" :) In Hawaii, I've often seen katsu chicken served with macaroni salad, "two scoop rice", and a fried egg, so your version seems authentic to me!

Also, I think you should count this meal from scratch, because I think panko is really hard to make (you have to air dry it on a screen or something wild like that). Have a great weekend, Melinda!

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