Leftovers and New Treats

I'll apologize first.  Sorry this is a super short, and super boring post, but I wanted to share this pics at some point, and I don't have any others uploaded yet, and, well, you know how it goes.

Thanks everyone for the information on the avocado pit.  We assumed it was something like that, but assumed the lemon juice did that, along with covering the guac tight with plastic wrap.  I see it takes triple duty to prevent that browning, and somehow we managed to get brown anyway.

That meal left us with some leftovers, so both Ryan and I came up with a creative way to use them up.

First, I made a shrimp quesadilla.  It was perfect, especially because I made it on a homemade corn tortilla.
 DSC08818 DSC08820 
Ryan took his chicken and the chopped tomatoes and made mini pizzas on homemade corn tortillas.
When they were finished baking, he cut them into little pieces and topped with sour cream (another item in the fridge that needed to get used up).
I always feel good about using up the leftovers, even if it means creating something entirely different out of them.

A few weeks back one of the guys Ryan works with gave him some Japanese candies to try.  In case you missed the big announcement, we moving to Japan this summer.  Ryan was asking about a Japanese candy company he heard about, and the guy was not sure about it, but did offer some Japanese treats for us to try.

This is one of them:
DSC08825 DSC08826
It was like a chocolate covered, light and fluffy sponge like cake.  It was really good, and I have a feeling I am going to love trying out all the "new" foods I will have available to me when we get to Japan.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  We are on Spring Break here, so I don't have to go in to work at all, but as always, I still have work to do at home for the courses I teach online.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever tried any Japanese snacks?  Do you like using leftovers?


Unknown said...

POKKI! or however you spell it. Used to buy that crap all the time in college.
Love the re-vamped leftovers..we try to do that too!

Astra Libris said...

Oh my goodness, I missed the big announcement somehow, so I'm sooooo glad you reposted it here!! I'm SO excited for you!!! Especially because Zach and I are wishing and hoping to be stationed in Japan at some-point (Zach's going to put in a request when he's eligible for a transfer from our Ohio base in 3 years, even though he knows a request doesn't mean much :-) I can't wait to read every detail about your experiences!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Maybe in 3 years we'll meet you there! :-)

Simply Life said...

oh those tortillas look perfect - nice work!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Right now I am trying to finish everything we have in our cabinets and freezer/fridge before shopping again. Nick keeps opening our fridge and freezer and commenting on how "bare it is", but I need to stop buying new foods to safe some cash! I've been forcing him to eat tortilla chips, which we had leftover from a party, instead of buying him more of his BBQ chips. MUAHAHA

I've never had Japanese candy, but we do sell some at work. It always sounds...interesting.

Nicole, RD said...

I love treats from overseas. My favorite candy bar is the Italian Kinder Bueno. I have no idea what that means, but it's delicious!

And WOOOO, I got the trivia questions about the avocado pits correct :)

Simply Life said...

oh and to answer your question - I spent one summer in Madrid and then went back and taught English in Sevilla!

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