Gearing up to head to the States

Before heading to the States, there was still almost a full weekend to enjoy with Ryan.

First up, for Friday night, we headed to the Cheese Roll House, which quickly became a favorite.  When we got there, I know the server saw us, but somehow managed to forget and after other people came in and she took their orders, we started to wonder what had happened.  Apparently, they did not see us in the corner.  Oh well!  They brought us 2 extra cheese rolls.  Not sure we really needed the extra food, but they are good, so of course we ate them.  Then for dinner I got the same yakisoba I always get, but Ryan went with something new.  This is chicken and eggs over rice.  He said it was really good.
That night was a little on the exciting side.  Around 4:30 Saturday morning we experienced a 6.6 earthquake.  We live on the 9th floor of a building on rollers (specifically for earthquakes...and I will point out our building did experience the big earthquake last Spring, and suffered no structural damage). So this felt like being on a boat.  The bed was rocking back and forth.  Around 7 or so there was another 5+ and then again an hour later.  This was a big 3 earthquakes in just a few hours.  Crazy!  

The next day we ate breakfast on base.  I gave the veggie breakfast burrito a try.
I also had some hash browns.

Saturday, Ryan and I went exploring in Hachinohe.  Using Google maps, we discovered some Shinto Shrines in the area.

 This is at the second shrine we located.  Notice the nice wooded area.  Yeah, I am still scratching the bug bites from this one.  Oops!

 I always love these wearing the bandanas.
 After the feeding frenzy on our skin, we opted for staying in the car and driving around.  It was also rainy, so this was a better idea.  First up, we stopped in a Happy Drug to explore.
 I couldn't believe that Nature Made had a Japanese market.
 I just couldn't resist taking a picture of these with the Japanese label. 
 This was the one that really amazed me.  Check out this 4 liter bottle of Brandy.  Who on EARTH needs a 4 LITER bottle of any alcohol.
Maybe this picture shows the size a little better.  Compared to some regular size bottles, this thing is huge!  It's the V.O on the right.
Hello! 4 Liters!

 Here are some coffee drinks for sale.  I think it is so neat that they sell coffee in cans, both hot and cold.
 This is from Seattle.
 After Happy Drug we found a French bakery.  Since I was headed out of town I had no need to buy anything then, but I can't wait to try this place in the future.

 Plus, there is this Italian restaurant next store.
 Saturday afternoon, there was another 6.6 earthquake.  Can you believe it?  This region usually has many small earthquakes daily.  Most you don't even feel, but there are some bigger ones that you do feel.  These are, I guess, frequent for someone not used to living in Japan, but otherwise you get used to them. However, this was a little more than usual, so it was a bit scary only because then you wonder if another one will come.  I guess annoying it a better word than scary.  We just kept thinking the room was moving, even if it wasn't.  Since the big earthquake earlier this year, more people are aware of the earthquakes in Japan, but this is nothing new for people living in this area.  There is nothing unusual about the earthquakes here, it is just they are reported on more often to people in the US.

Good thing we had plans to go to dinner with another couple for Indian that night so we weren't in the apartment wondering when the next one would come.  I love Indian so I was glad when we were invited to join some friends for dinner.


So that is it...I am in the US now.  I have a conference in San Diego, so I decided to make a bigger trip of it and meet up with my mom and Joe before the conference, and I will be headed to San Francisco afterwards for my friends big birthday celebration,

QUESTIONS: Have you ever experienced an earthquake?  What is the strangest alcoholic product you have ever seen?


sophia said...

I live in L.A., the earthquake center. Weirdly, although we've had tremors, I haven't felt any earthquakes yet. We're anxiously waiting for the BIg One!

Uh, wow. I wonder what that big bottle of brandy is for. But who knows the mind of the Japanese? Haha.

Welcome back to USA! And you'll be closer to me now! :D

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Seriously?? An earthquake already?! Oh my gosh, I won't lie but that would drive me nuts just thinking about the prospect of an earthquake all the time. I'm weird like that. I'm happy to hear your place is on rollers though, and that it survived a previous earthquake, that's good news.

I'm cracking up that they sell Nature Made over there. We get customers in the store asking if we carry that brand, and we don't. I'll have to sent them to JApan! haha

Unknown said...

Actually, there WAS an earthquake here not too long ago!
The strangest alcohol drink is Four Loko. It tastes like purple.

Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian said...

Wow, can't believe the earthquake already. Scary! Stay safe.
I also can't believe in a 4 liter bottle of brandy. haha.

Andrea said...

Earthquakes are scary. Can't imagine so many in such a short period of time, but it sounds like your building is very well built. There was a pretty strong earthquake a few days after the toddler was born, and I was home alone with him. That's the earthquake that scared me the most...

Have a great trip!

chow and chatter said...

wow so many earthquakes thats unreal have a great time at FNCE

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