Sushi, Sushi, Pretty Sushi

While this first picture may not be from anywhere special, this was still some tasty sushi.  It came from the commissary, and was a mixed seafood roll, significantly reduced in price because it was near closing time.  That's the best time to get some cheap, and usually good, sushi from on base.
 But, if you really want good sushi, of course you need to head off base.  We really liked the train place, but there are other places in town, so we decided to give this one a try.
Any guesses what this place might be called by Americans?

This is Pink Sushi.  I will also point out that the inside is mostly pink and the employees are all ladies who wear pink.  It is very appropriate to call this Pink Sushi.

This is another conveyor belt sushi place.  We got there very early, so it wasn't busy yet and there was no sushi made.  We got the party started! 
Nigiri is probably the most common.  This is generaly sashimi, which are sliced items (usually raw fish, but can be cooked items too) laid on top of rice.  This one is tuna.
 Salmon is very popular.
 I gave these grilled scallops a try.  One thing that was interesting was that they used a blow torch to cook these scallops.
 This is egg, cooked of course, and the Japanese word for egg is tamago.
 They also make sushi rolls, and we saw this one go by on the conveyor belt, so we gave it a try.  It had lettuce and surimi crab inside, along with a few other things, and then some fish eggs on the outside.
 This was probably the most unique of all the sushi we tried that night, although not the best tasting.  I didn't mind it, but there is so much more there that tastes better, so I probably won't try this again.  Are you wondering what this is?  Any guesses?
This is salmon with cheese melted on top.  It was so different looking in fact, that a Japanese family asked about it when outs went around on the conveyor belt and tried it too out of curiosity.

 As we have in the past, we questioned the hot water since we did not see tea bags around.
 Good thing the lady spotted us looking at this green powder or we never would have known that this gets added to the hot water to make green tea.
 Boy does it make green tea!
 Of course the sushi craving is hard to get away from when living in Japan, so we also tried Kappa Sushi again.  This is the place with the train that delivers your sushi and the cute little turtles.  This is a replica of the Shinkansen, which is the Japanese bullet train.  

As we parked and walked in I saw this sign at the handicapped spot and thought it was too cute to resist taking a picture of.  This is awesome!  Meet kindness parking...
I just love watching the conveyor belt go around here.
They even use plastic chop sticks instead of the disposable wooden ones.
 This might be my new favorite.  This is cooked shrimp with avocado (like guacamole), onions, and like a mayo on top.  So amazing!
 I really love the Japanese omelet, so I made sure to order one of these.  Sometimes, like with this one, we take one plate, and we each eat one.  It's fun to share and try all things, and then you don't get stuck with too much if you just wanted to try out one piece.
 Ryan had some salmon with onions.  This is common to top with onions.  Do they do that in the States?
 Here is the yellow tail.
 Ah, another interesting combo.  This is corn sushi.  It is like corn salad (corn and mayo) on some rice, wrapped in nori.  Definitely interesting, and in a good way.
 I am really loving this tempura shrimp.  They have tempura down perfectly and it goes so well on the rice too.
 Last up is the basic, but classic, salmon nigiri.  All of this sushi was delicious.
QUESTIONS:  Do you eat raw items for sushi?  What is the most unusual sushi you have seen or tried?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

OH I can't imagine eating sushi in JAPAN!! What a treat. And you could have that every day if you wanted! I'm so jealous. Send me some, please! And yes, I do raw fish as well :)

Beth said...

Wow I'm jealous of that sushi! Sushi is one of my favorite things to eat EVER, and I can only imagine how good it is in Japan!

Unknown said...

mmm salmon and cream cheese! is that called a Pikesville Roll? LOL :)

I eat all sushi, I have tried it all. I once had a roll w/ sweet potato in it, thought that was odd. Eel is my fave. Also like soft shell crab!

Special K said...

I can totally go, I've experienced food poisoning from raw fruit. So I understand "fears" but I would love any type of fresh fish. Eating locally always tastes better...because the environment means so much to me. I am highly influenced....

I am salivating because I have NO sushi for over 2 years!
THE STATES???? Really? Any trader joe actions

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