Getting Back Into the Asian Culture

After spending all that time in Europe and Israel, I was rather well adjusted to the European and Mediterranean lifestyle.  Of course in Japan things are a little different.  I made sure to avoid all Asian cuisine while in Europe.  Some areas may have had some tasty Asian foods, but I can get those foods any time I want here, so I made sure to stick with all traditional foods, or as close as I could get (remember one night I had a huge Italian craving so I ordered some in Budapest).

As soon as I got back to Japan I made sure to quench my cravings for Asian cuisine.  I had been out of practice with chopsticks use so I hoped not to make a fool of myself eating out.  Thankfully it was like riding a bike!  I went for yakisoba one night and sushi another.  Oh how I missed sushi...of course on my trip I was not at a loss for good food, so I didn't realize how much I had missed it until I came back to Japan.

Ryan and I were out driving a few days after I got home (he took off work one day to spend time with me, which was so sweet and awesome) and we passed by Ho-No-Ka.  Doesn't this sign make you want to stop in and check it out?
Well we felt the same way, but they are never open when we drive by.  So on this day, which was lunch time  on a weekday, we noticed they were open.  You can bet we made a U-turn and went back to check it out.  As we suspected, everything looked good.

Plus, they were finally open so how could we pass up a chance to eat here.  Ryan ordered the French toast sandwich with banana custard inside and something with meat inside it.
I ordered a sesame roll with sweet potato inside and a berry roll.  Oh yum!  Everything was so good and I am glad we finally got to eat here.
It was a good way to get in some tasty Japanese treats in my first few days back.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July.

QUESTIONS:  Is there a place you always drive by and want to go in but they seem to always be closed?  What kind of filling would you stick between 2 pieces of French toast?

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