We Bought a Grill!

That's right, we bought our first real grill.  It seems everything I see and hear is about grilling.  I didn't want to be left out of the delicious fun, so when a good deal on a grill came up, we took it ASAP.  It's actually quite a nice grill.
Immediately we headed to the store and started grilling.  We were so ready to start that we couldn't even wait until July 4th, so we started the night of the 3rd.

I had leftover mango from the tacos I made the night before, so we thought we would add the mango to  our list of things we would grill.  We also did a portobello mushroom, pineapple, corn, and we made some dough to try out making flat bread on the grill.

I used the bread machine for the dough.
Rolling them out was not as easy as I thought it would be, but I managed to get it done.
Check it out:
Here is my plate.  We also did some tomatoes and avocado, which was perfect on the bread.  This one is Ryan's plate.  What isn't shown here is the chicken he made for himself.  Since I don't eat meat he waited until everything I would eat was finished cooking and off the grill and then he cooked the chicken.  What a great husband!
Here is my plate.  I loved the grilled pineapple, but I have had it before so I knew it would probably be my favorite.
Not even a week later, we were ready to grill some more.

Any guesses what this is?  This is called playing with your food!  It's a pepper pac man!
This time around we made hot dogs.  Ok, only Ryan had actual meat, but I still had hot dogs, they were just made from soy protein.  Ryan prepped from peppers and onions for his spicy hot dogs.
Our other major adventure was grilled watermelon.  
My mom said we had to try this and I read about it online, so we gave it a go.  We also made some corn.  As it turned out, when we made it the other night, it was the best corn we had ever had.  
The one thing I love about this grill is that it functions as a complete outdoor kitchen/cooking area.  The side burner allows us to cook in a pan or pot on the side while grilling.  This way we can just do everything outside.
Yum!  Lovin' the grilled corn.
Check out the grill master, Ryan!
To serve the watermelon, I topped it with feta and balsamic vinegar.  I loved it.  Ryan was iffy on it.  It loses it's sweetness and gets tougher.  We also may have overcooked it a little, so maybe we need to work on that.
Hooray for hot dogs (veggie dogs) on the grill!
Here is Ryan's plate, with the peppers and onions on his dogs, and some corn.
Yum for grilling!  So much fun!  We are definitely enjoying having a grill.

QUESTIONS:  Do you have a grill?  What is your favorite food to grill?  What is the strangest or wackiest food you have ever had grilled?


chow and chatter said...

love what you grilled pineapple is the best

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a grill! I enjoy grilling corn, chicken and pizza! xo! -Mer

Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian said...

Nothing beats grilling in the summer!! I love grilled pineapple!!
I have never done bread on the grill before. I tried making pizza but it didn't turn out all that well. Maybe I will stick with bread first and go from there. YUM!

Biz said...

I have not grilled a watermelon before, but I've read that after it grills, sprinkle a little salt over it and it wakes it up!

I grill almost every night - I've done whole hams, grilled pizza, grilled caeser salads, too many to list!

Hope you have a great weekend Melinda! :D

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