Getting to Florida, Heading to the Beach

After our time in Baltimore, we headed to Florida.  First up was some time in Boca Raton visiting my grandparents.  It was nice to have a few days with them.  We ate, we shopped, we relaxed and we had a good time.  It was really nice to have some quiet time to get caught up on homework too since both Ryan and I were still taking classes.

The first night we headed to Brio for dinner.  This is a favorite of ours from when we lived in Las Vegas, so it was nice to be able to go there in Florida.
Kinda looks like a bunny, right?
Here we are with my grandparents.  We had a nice time catching up and enjoying some wine with our conversation.
Dinner for me started off with a chopped salad.
I had a vegetarian pasta for dinner.
As always, if I wait a few days and if it wasn't something I ate, I absolutely can't tell you what this dish is (or the 3 below it!!!).  But I took a picture, so I'm posting it here!

But dessert, that's an easy one.  This is chocolate cake...of course!  We all shared dessert, so everyone got to have a little taste.
The next morning my grandpa took us down to the beach.  This is a tradition we have and we always eat at the same place.  You really can't beat the view!
And you can't beat the food either.  This is the blueberry pancakes that my grandfather enjoyed.
Ryan went with an omelet.
I had the tasty breakfast wrap with eggs and veggies.
After breakfast we took a nice walk along the beach and out to the end of the pier.
Here I am with Ryan,
here I am with my grandpa,
and here I am with Ryan and my grandpa.

Then we decided to take a walk on the pier. 

So glad we had nice weather.
The afternoon was pretty low key as we did some homework and just hung out.  We also went to the flea market for a little bit and shopped around there.  Then for dinner we headed to this restaurant which was really well covered up so I couldn't get a good picture, but the place is called Taverna Greek Islands.  My grandparents eat here a lot.
We started off with some bread and hummus.
Then we all shared a nice Greek salad.
Ryan and I introduced my grandparents to one of our favorites- saganaki.  We love saganaki!  Well, as fans of cheese, what isn't to like, right?  Glad my grandparents enjoyed this too.  If you have never had it before, it is flaming cheese, set on fire over dousing with some alcohol.
After this I was stuffed, but I some how managed to eat most of my fish.  Both my grandpa and I ordered the grouper.  It was really good.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone eating there.
Here is Ryan's dish.  He had the moussaka.
My grandmother ordered one of her favorites here...the lamb chops.
Well, that was it for our first day and a half visiting with my grandparents.  Nothing too exciting, but certainly a good time.

QUESTIONS:  Do you like Greek food?  Have you ever had saganaki?  When was the last time you visited the beach?


Unknown said...

OMG I LOVE FLAMING CHEESE!! Matt's sister is married to a greek guy so we do greek food on occasion w/ them :-) LOVE IT! There's a new BYO place in Hunt Valley, we should go!

EA said...

Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time traveling! I had fun looking at your DC photos, since we lived there for awhile. Greek food? Love it! And, fortunately I can go to the beach whenever I want, but I only go swimming a couple months out of the year when the water is a bearable 68+ degrees :-)

Judy said...

Loved your photos, so glad you enjoyed your visit. I do love Greek food, especially spanokopita which I make often.

Andrea said...

Glad you had such a nice trip! Beautiful photos!

Saganaki sounds awesome! I know I would love it! :)

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