More time in Boca

Our south Florida vacation continued with...more food!  Ok, not all food.  There was food and relaxation and shopping.

The next we headed to Blue Moon Fish Co. Apparently they offer a great lunch special.  I have to agree with my grandparents, this is a great deal.  As long as you buy a drink, the lunch entrees are buy one, get one.  
My grandfather and I ended up splitting two things.  This was the lobster roll, which my grandmother also ordered.
Then we also split the langostino and spinach salad with goat cheese.  Both were awesome!
Ryan had the blackened mahi sandwich.
The restaurant sits on the intercoastal so we got to watch the boats go by.  The restaurant is near a bridge so we got to watch it open and watch the bigger boats come through.

Here we all are at lunch.
And let's not forget dessert.  I believe there was a special deal on this too- could be BOGO.  I couldn't leave Florida without having a slice of key lime pie.  Yum!
Later that day I had a super special treat.  While Ryan did some school work, my friend Aleina came to pick me up.  Aleina and I worked together for a few years in Las Vegas when I waited tables at the Olive Garden.  She was the first friend I made in Las Vegas.  I had no idea she lived in this area.  I knew she was in Florida, I just didn't know how close.  She was nice enough to come pick me up, take me for a coffee and then swing by her house so I could see her kids.
Here I am with all four kids.  I knew her oldest daughter from Vegas.  Boy has she grown!  I was there the day she brought her middle daughter home from the hospital, but I never really got to see her grown up.  As for her son, he is just precious, but I think I only "saw" him when she was pregnant.  It was so awesome that she was able to come get me and we could catch up.  It was really a special treat.
Well, dinner that night was uneventful because as I was leaving Aleina's house, it started to pour.  By pour I mean, inches of water on the ground in just minutes.  This really restricted our plans for dinner since we were looking to eat outside.  Instead, we opted to go to the mall and eat at CPK.

We shared some spinach dip to get us started.
Dinner was the pear and gorgonzola pizza.  We split this and my grandparents even tried some out.
The next day it was back to the mall.  Since I rarely shop for clothing in Japan, most gets ordered online or I just don't buy clothes.  I was obviously overexcited to have the chance to try on all kinds of clothes at Nordstroms.  Yeah, I did some damage!

My grandfather and Ryan golfed in the morning while my grandma and I shopped.  Of course!  We ended up eating at the restaurant in Nordstroms, and my grandpa and Ryan showed up just as our food came.  The timing was amazing perfect as my grandmother had just said to the waiter as he dropped of her food, "I hope my husband comes because I can't eat this all by myself".  Perfect timing grandpa!  I didn't get a picture of their huge sandwich, but I did get a picture of my crab mac and cheese with a a little side salad.  It was so good!
Later that day, Ryan and I opened up the fudge we bought at a candy store the day before.  We got some vanilla caramel.
But the real reason I took pictures of this was to share this red velvet fudge.  Handmade and extremely delicious.  We spoke with the candy maker herself (Jan...and there is no website otherwise I would link to it) and she was super nice.  She even let us sample some to make sure we got exactly what we wanted and didn't buy something we didn't like.
For our last night in Boca we headed to the club in my grandparents community.  All dinner specials came with the salad bar so I loaded up on veggies.
Dinner was glazed salmon with string beans and a sweet potato.  Yum!  Way to much food, but definitely yummy.
For our last morning in Boca, before getting on the road to go see Ryan's mom further north, we took one more trip down to the beach.  What a gorgeous day!
We ate breakfast at the same place.  This time I had a veggie packed omelet.
Here I am sitting with my grandpa at the beach.
Here we all are, just before heading out for a nice walk along the beach.
One more ocean view.
Well, that was it for our time in Boca.  I had a great time with my grandparents.  This peanut butter filled chocolate frog was too cute to resist taking a picture of.  Thought I would leave you with some cuteness as well as sweet thoughts!
QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite kind of fudge?  Have you recently got to catch up with a friend you haven't seen in years?


Anonymous said...

OMG RED VELVET FUDGE? I imagine that would be my fave. Or just plain chocolate from The Fudgery :)

All these food pics are making me hungry...and I just ate lunch #1! #NursingProblems (hungry all the time)

I recently saw you...who I hadn't seen in a while! Aww :) Looking forward to seeing you again soon, Maybe next time Marsh will make the blog! yay!

Andrea said...

The red velvet fudge looks amazing.

Glad you had such a nice time and even got to catch up with your friend.

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