Wrapping it Up in Florida and The Journey Back to Japan

For our last full day in Florida, things were low key.  Ryan and I went out and grabbed some breakfast. We had to get our bagel fix before we can't get real bagels again for a while.  I made sure to get a bagel with lox and cream cheese.
After that we did some last shopping at nearby stores and shipped packages back home.  For dinner we met up with some of Ryan's mom's friends.  We ate at a restaurant in one of the town squares near their house.  
For an appetizer we had potato chips with all kinds of cheese.  Not even close to a healthy choice but certainly unique, so we ordered it for the table to share.
Ryan and I shared some flatbreads.  These were definitely tasty.

I can't remember if Ryan's mom or aunt ordered this, or if they shared, but it's a wrap.
Here is everyone at dinner.  Starting with Ryan's aunt and going around clockwise- Ryan, Ryan's mom, Ryan's mom's friends and then me. 
Dessert for the group was s'mores.  I didn't eat them because I don't do gelatin, but they all seemed to have good fun with these.  Messy fun, of course!  Really a neat idea.
I had my own dessert, but of course it was way too much so I shared.
The next day we were heading out to the airport in the afternoon, so we went to brunch before driving to Orlando.  We ate at FirstWatch, which always had good breakfast foods.  Everything looks the same and sadly I am so behind on things that this was a few weeks ago, so I can't remember what everything is.  I know I ordered a nice egg dish packed with veggies.

As we headed home we got a view of the golfers at the tournament they were having over the weekend.
Here is a one last view from Florida.
Then it was back to Japan!
As always, a nice veggie meal ordered.
Yum!  I love Indian food!
Quinoa and bean salad.
A cookie for later.
This was a snack later on.  So cute that they served little ice cream cups!
Here we are crossing the International Date Line.  It is hard to see on the screen, but we are just between Alaska and Russia.
One more meal before landing in Japan.  It's breakfast, more or less.
Eggs and broccoli.  It is always interesting to see what airlines serve for special meals.
Well, that brings our 3-4 week vacation in the States to a close.  It was great to go home and see family and friends.  I loved all the sightseeing we did and all the great meals with everyone, including the special meals we experienced alone.  Now we are back in Japan, settling into our normal routine and getting ready for some summer travel.  But for now, things are low key.  I am back to work and back to school.  Thanks for following along with our US grand tour!

QUESTIONS:  When was the last time you had s'mores?  What was the most interesting meal you have been served on a plane?

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Anonymous said...

I love when you can see where you are on an international flight!
Smores-ick. Just give me the chocolate and graham crackers.
See you in Aug! xo!

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