Day 16: Strolling Around San Sebastian

This was a sad day.  Not sad because anything bad happened, but sad because my family was leaving me.  We had a great 2 weeks, but I hated to see it end.  If I lived in the States it would be different, but I know when my travels are over, I will return to Japan and it will be a while before I see them again.  So, it was sad.  But at least we had some time to walk around the city before I took them to the train station and we said our farewells.

First, we stopped in to Ogi Berri to get a baguette for my sister to eat on the train ride home.  I think because we are close to France it is popular to grab a baguette and walk around with it, just as we did when in Paris.
They had a lot of good looking things here.
These frog shaped breads were the cutest.

Then we kept on walking along the river for a little bit.  Here I am with Rachel, for one last picture together.
Here is my mom and sister posing with the baguettes we bought along the way.
No,  not more bread.  Just Joe posing with the same 2 baguettes.
I didn't get this picture before, so I made sure to take one of the front of the main cathedral in San Sebastian.  We actually sat at a cafe right next door, which was a great location and we got to watch everyone leaving church.  I wish I had taken a photo the night before since this church is so beautiful at night.  It is very nicely lit up.

We at lunch at Caravanserai Cafe right next to the cathedral.
My mom and Joe split a pizza.
My sister and I split the tofu nuggets.  These were served with a salad and mushroom omelet.  It was really good.
I also ordered a coffee to enjoy as we were sitting outside in the square watching the people as they left church.
After seeing my family off at the train station, I headed to my next hotel.  I decided to move to the other side of the city for my last few nights here.  I picked the NH Aranzazu.  Not only had Laura and Alex suggested this on their wedding website, but I have stayed at NH hotels before and had some collected credits that I wanted to cash in on, so this sounded like a perfect choice for me. 
When I walked into the room I was happy with what I saw.  I loved the decor and there was a window with a great view.
Even the bathroom was cute.
Plus, there was a nice desk area.
Here is the view from my room.

Then there was a knock at my door.  The lady presented me with these candies and a bottle of water.  I immediately said thank you, but let her know I did not order these.  She said that was alright as these were compliments.  Sweet!

After a short nap, which was very much needed, I decided to walk to the old city area, which was 30 minutes away (40 because I stopped a lot to take pictures).  Here are some of the pictures I took on my walk as I strolled along the beach.

This city is absolutely beautiful.  I would love to have an apartment right here facing the water.

As I was walking around the city I heard some music and it sounded festive, so I followed the sound.  I was amazed when I walked into a square to find a small festival going on with live music and lots of food (mostly ham).  This place was packed and I wasn't hungry yet, so I just snuck in between people to take some pictures.

Here was the performer.  I stayed for a few minutes to watch.  This is why I love Spain!

Then I headed over to the other side of the old city to see the views there.

After enjoying the scenery, I stopped into my first Pintxo bar of the evening, Bar Martinez.
I took a look at everything they had sitting out, which is how it is done in a Pintxo bar, and then I made my selection.

The options are plenty, and since this is San Sebastian, one of the top, of not the top, places for food in the world, you almost know everything you will taste good, as long as you liked the ingredients in the first place.  I picked three items and a glass of red wine.  Oh, and yes, I took three pictures of my food from three different angles.  I just couldn't get it to turn out at good as it looked in real life.

Next, I stopped into Barandiaran.  I must say it was hard to pick because so many places were packed with people that you couldn't use that as a gauge to pick what might be better than the next spot.  In the end, I just had to pick something and sit down.
I ordered one with salmon and a bacalao (cod) omelet.
I know you must be wondering how or why on earth I was still hungry, and I suppose the answer is that I wasn't really, but it looked to good to pass up.  Yes, I went for the ice cream.  This time I picked Oiartzun, which was right next to the restaurant where I was eating.
After looking over all of the flavors, I finally made up my mind.
I know, I am so boring.  I went with Stracciatella again.  It's my favorite flavor, so I can't help but order it.
Walking back to the hotel I had the privilege of watching the sun set over the Bay of Biscay.  This was an amazing sight to see.  I stopped many times while walking just to look out over the water and think about how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this view and breath in the wonderful San Sebastian air.

I ever stopped to take pictures of the sand sculptures.
Yes, this is Jesus on the cross, and yes, there is blood.  I just couldn't resist taking a picture.

This is probably my favorite picture of all.  I nearly blinded myself because I was captivated by this view.
I also couldn't resist taking a picture of this building.  I just love how everything looks.  The architecture is lovely, and it just looks so perfect sitting there with the front facing the lovely view behind me.
More sunset shots.  Magnificent!

Then I went back to the hotel and got some much needed sleep.  Up next, a day trip to the French Basque Coast, and of course the Spanish part as well between San Sebastian and the French border.  I hired a private guide for the day, which I am so thankful I did.  Stay tuned for the tons of pictures I have of the amazing coastline here in Basque country.

QUESTIONS:  When was the last time you went on vacation with your parents/siblings?  What is the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen?

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LOVE all the pics by the water! Well, besides the annual Targarona OBX trip (which is 2 weeks), we have gone to Italy and Montana with parents/siblings...not in a few years tho.
Sunsets? That's a hard one. Maybe in St Croix?

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