Day 30: Travel Day

By now I am happy to have a day with not much going on.  I have finished up in France and it's time to  head to my next location.

The day was rather uneventful, except for one lost boarding pass, which was easily fixed.  I really didn't take too many pictures since my food wasn't too exciting.  Therefore, there isn't much to this post.  I guess I get a break from blogging for a day and you get a break from reading it for the day.

Since I was in France, the easiest, or really only, way to Israel was via Paris.
It's always good news when your flight is expected to be on time.
I know you must be wondering why I am headed back to Tel Aviv, but I have a conference there, so my trip will start and end in Israel (for the most part).

I some how managed to "accidentally" (thanks Expedia) buy a premium airline ticket, so I lucked out and got more wine.
Another perk was real silverware and glasses.  This is my vegetarian meal.  It was pretty good.  I was starving so I really would have eaten anything at that point.
The last highlight of my flight was the Valrhona (same brand that the chef from our cooking class recommended) chocolate covered nuts.
Well, that's it for me.  Not exactly relaxing because it was a lot of travel and I got to Israel after midnight, but compared to others, this was a pretty easy day.

Coming up will be a few more short posts since I will be attending the conference for a few days.

Hope everyone is doing well and I am not tiring you out with all my travels or boring you too much.

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