Day 27: Strasbourg, France...How Cute!

Not only is the area by my hotel extremely cute, but most of the city center is just as cute, if not cuter.  I promise this post will be filled with some of the cutest little buildings and streets you have ever seen.  In fact, I spent a great deal of time just walking around with my mouth open, staring in awe of the cuteness, or rather the charming quality of this city.

My morning was started by simply exiting my hotel.  I walked out into this bustling, vibrant, packed pedestrian street and was amazed at how busy this city was.  I have never been here before and the night before was busy, but not extremely busy, so this was a bit overwhelming to step out into.
Because of all these crowds, I ended up basically herded into the Cathedral across from my hotel.  Not that I had a problem with this because it was on my To Do list, but it was odd that the natural flow of traffic literally took me inside the cathedral.

Other than checking out the buildings, I made sure to check out as many food places as possible.  I stopped in here first because I was in need of breakfast.
Everything looked really good.
Since this city is very close to Germany, pretzels seem to be everywhere.  Even though they looked good, I passed on pretzels for breakfast.

Instead, I went with the nutella croissant.  This was delicious! 
This is the chocolate place I passed the day before that was closed.
I noticed that in addition to chocolate, they also had this very tasty looking soft serve.  I may have to go back later and give some a try.
Warning: Extremely awesome French town ahead.

Here are some of the many pictures I took as I strolled from the Cathedral over to the area known as Petit France, which is said to be the most charming of all parts of the city.  When I think France, this is what I picture (other than Paris, which is a completely different thing).

There is even a boat you can take for a scenic ride. 

These columns come at the end of the area known as Petit France.

Eventually I had to stop and grab some lunch.  I will admit I was still a little full from dinner the night before, so I wanted something a little lighter.  I picked a restaurant with some nice looking salads.  It was perfectly located in the square with the cathedral.

I started off with some bread.
Then I enjoyed this really nice salad, which was topped with 3 different cheeses- mozzarella, roquefort, and feta. 
Although completely satisfied and unbelievably stuffed, I some how managed to keep walking around and looking at the food.  Some things were just too cute to not take pictures of.
I was amazed at the size of these macarons, but sadly the picture didn't turn out to well because of the glare from the case.
I may have passed on the really big ones, but I did go back and find the macaron place that was closed the night before.  This is Weiss and the macarons in the window just looked too good to pass up.

I was absolutely right, although if I did pass on them I would never have known how right I was!  I picked out the chocolate and vanilla macaron, and I also tried the salted caramel, which may have been the best macaron I have ever tried.
After a little more walking around I headed back to my hotel to get ready for my next adventure.  If you read my last post you know that I came to Strasbourg to meet up with another blogger.  Ready to find out who it is?  

Have you ever read The Special K Treatment Blog?  Well, if you have then you will know that K is an American living in Europe now.  After 2 years of living in Europe and never being able to coordinate plans, I am happy to say that this time we were able to make something work.  There is nothing cooler than having a blogger meet up in an area so well known for food and wine when both of you are so passionate about good food and wine.  This is why we headed to the Alsace region of France.

For the first night we had planned on a farm stay at Ferme-Auberge du Christlesgut in the Munster area, which means they mostly focus on making munster cheese.  This was fine by me becayse munster has always been on of my favorite cheeses.  Turns out it is much better when you get the real stuff from France (specifically eating it in this region).

To get there we got to pass by this replica of the Statue of Liberty.  Any ideas about why this is here in France?  Well, the designer of the Statue of Liberty was born in Colmar, France, so right at the town entrance there is a replica.
Munster isn't too far off.
After going higher and higher up a mountain we finally reached the farm.  It was pouring down rain, so luckily I had left my rain jacket out or I would have wound up totally soaked.  Looking at the front of the main building it seems like this place is popular and has won some awards or something like that.
If the weather wasn't so bad this picture would be a lot nicer and you could see out down into the valley.  Notice that there are lots of motorcycles there.  Let's just say that we had some interesting German bikers staying on the property too, and this certainly made for an interesting experience.
Here is the wine list and dessert menu.  The dinner itself was served family style and was a set menu.

We started off with bread topped with munster cheese.  Since I am a fan of munster, I enjoyed this.
One thing I really liked was the wine glasses that seem to be typical for this wine region.  When red wine is served in it, it looks a lot like a rose.
I didn't get a picture of the bread, but it was homemade and very good.  We were also served a sampler of cheeses.  I can't remember them all, but the one at the very bottom is the munster.
We were served some pasta, which was good because the main item was beef.  There were actually 4 of us, so we weren't served this much pasta for just 2 of us, in case you were wondering why there is so much pasta.
The spinach was pretty good.
Then they served beef bourguignon.  From what I gather, it was very tasty.
It was K's friend's birthday, so we had picked something to celebrate with.  It was a slice of a rhubarb strawberry tart.
To top off the home cooked, farm fresh meal, we were served cherries topped with vanilla ice cream.  I love cherries, so I thought this was really good.
Stuffed from the meal and tipsy from the wine, we headed back to our dormitory style housing and crawled into bed for some much needed sleep.

QUESTIONS:  What is the cutest place you have ever visited?  Have you ever met up with another blogger?  Have you ever stayed on a farm?

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