Busy like a bee

I'd like to say this is the first time so far this week I have had to take a breather, but that's just not true. I am in the middle of grading papers for Kaplan, but I really wanted to get a post up. Sorry, but it will have to be short since I am running out of time this evening. I just got home from substitute teaching and in 2 hours I am leaving to the education building to have the second night of my second class in my current graduate program.

First off this was my snack Monday morning. I would like to thank my sister for this tasty treat.
Monday was PAY DAY for package deliveries. Both of my packages I mailed while in the States and one my mom sent the next week. I can't believe they showed up at the same time. We also got some stuff we ordered for spearfishing/snorkeling.
While my mom was down at the shore she picked me up some of this wonderfully delicious caramel popcorn. If you have never had Fisher's and you like caramel corn, you MUST try this. I think you can order it online now. Too bad they can't ship here.

One of those packages I mailed contained dog food and treats, plus some cat food. They are both picky eaters. But I did sneak in some additional surprises.
Boots for me for my wetsuit for snorkeling. I did not like my other boots. Not enough sole on the bottom.
This is in case I get attcked while at sea by an octopus or something.

Since Tuesday was my first day back to work, or at work, working, or something along those lines, I packed my lunch the night before. I love this lunch bag. My boss bought it for us during the last National Nutrition Month.
Some yogurt and fruits.
Edamame crackers to counter the sweet from the above picture.
Oh, and here is some of the candy I bought in NYC. These are the caramel apple kisses. These I do recommend.
And it comes complete with a water bottle holder.
I also cleaned these grapes so I would have a healthy snack for between the teaching school and the class I am taking.
Dinner Monday night focused on this. I know you are thinking why would I buy fish from the frozen section when I live on an island. I won't lie...it scares me to go to the market since those fish come WHOLE...scales, heads and guts too I think. So I am not yet to the point of being comfortable with that. In the meantime this was just under $3 for 12 oz of fish.
Ok, too tired to have realized this is sideways...you get the point. White flaky fish will always be low in calories.
Some additionas to my meal. Gotta love Trader Joe's.
And I made some of the rice medley I bought at TJ's.
I used some olive oil and lemon juice to coat the fish.

Here we go again...but I did have green beans with this meal. These are the no added salt green beans.
Then I topped the fish after baking for 12 minutes with some of the corn and chile salsa and baked for a few more minutes. I love that this had a nice kick from the chiles.
And now I am sad. I took a picture of the whole meal on my plate since it looked so beautiful. Well, when I picked up the camera I dropped it and I just realized when I opened it up today that the card was knocked loose, so it never stored the picture :(

Today I left the school to meet Ryan for lunch. We went with the buffet at the club on base. We knew it would be quick and easy. This is the salad bar.
And this is the baked potato bar. Both were really good. I was glad to get some veggies in for lunch.
Now back to my very busy schedule this week. Oh, thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions for the brunch on Saturday. If I didn't have class until 9:30 pm Friday and had to be back at 8:30 am Saturday some of those ideas I would be all over. I am just afraid too much effort on my part (like remember to turn on a crockpot or something) will result in failure. I met with the otehrs bringing food Saturday and they will bring a fruit tray and I will get cups, yogurt and granola and we will do a yogurt parfait bar. Then we will also have a veggie tray.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever taken a picture and realized later there was no memory card in the camera? What are your favorite toppings for baked poatoes?


Astra Libris said...

Such glorious meals - I'm so impressed you came up with such a beautiful lunch and supper amidst your super-hectic schedule! Wow, the tilapia with the corn salsa looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g...

The salad bar and baked potato bar look awesome! Mmmm, now I'm dreaming of a baked potato for lunch... :-) This might sound strange, but my favorite baked potato topping is tuna salad, made just with plain yogurt, minced celery, and whatever seasonings sound good at the time, and then scooped on top of the potato! :-)

The puppy and kitty treats are so cute! :-)

Unknown said...

haha, no, i have never done that...

I don't like baked taters!

I am not much help...

Anonymous said...

The fish looks awesome! And I love a nice salad bar. I make a salad every day, but it's so nice to have options... ;)

Glad you took a little break from grading. It's so important to take breaks... :)

Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

I LOVE the bag!!!!That's really a 'must-have' :)
Hmm-i'm not a big fan of potatoes,so I don't really have a favorite topping for baked potatoes.
BTW-the knife looks scary,I hope the octopus stay far away ;-)

kristen :) said...

That's so neat you go snorkeling! I'd like to have a waterproof camera :) Sounds like you are busy! I don't eat too many plain taters because I prefer sweet taters, but I do like broccoli cheese, yogurt or chili :)

Rachel Lauren said...

Sweet potatoes!!! Ketchup on everything sweet regular baked... I put ketchup up EVERYTHING!!

Emily said...

Wow, you have some hardcore snorkeling gear! I've never been, but I'd absolutely love to try some day. Have you ever seen anything scary? I hope you don't have to use that knife!

My fave baked potato toppings are broccoli and black beans with bbq sauce (I know I'm weird).

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