Eat and see a show, then repeat!

I really hope everyone enjoyed the first part of my New York City trip. The one thing I must say is that we ate so much, I am still stuffed. There are just so many great places to eat and so many wonderful things to do in the city. Saturday we went to Spring Street Natural Cafe for lunch. This place serves organic, vegetarian, free range items, and it tastes really good.

The sun dried tomato bread was awesome.

I ordered the house-made almond-veggie-cheddar burger.

My aunt had the tofu veggie croquettes. This was served with a jicama slaw and some greens.
My burger of course came with fries, but these are hand cut fries.
It seriously down poured which put a literal damper on our shopping plans. So we dropped in to the Hilton to visit my grandparents. My grandmother had not yet eaten lunch so we ordered this pretty vegetable pizza. I am starting to think that all we did this vacation was eat. My supporting evidence will follow...
Off to dinner at Hummus Kitchen .
The vegetarian couscous was beautiful. The raisins gave just the right amount of sweetness to this dish.
They even have whole wheat pita on the menu.
Which went great with the hummus sampler. From top and going clockwise this is hummus topped with...mushrooms, chickpeas, eggplant, and fava beans. BTW I really love fava beans!
Then my aunt and I went to see In the Heights on Broadway and it was amazing. What an awesome show. If you are planning to go to NYC I personally recommend this. It is about the Hispanic community in Washington Height and it is really just fun and has great fun, upbeat music.
Here is where the REPEAT comes in to play. Sunday morning we mwt up with my grandparents and their friends for brunch at Marseille .
Wow, here we go again with the bread. These mini-muffins were really good. I did not like the bread. I tasted anise, which I personally do not like.
I split this Moroccan omlette with my grandpa. This was really good and we both enjoyed it.
The reason why I split the omlette with him was that I really wanted this, brioche french toast. This was going to be too sweet, too much and little protein. So I split this with my grandpa and just about everyone else at the table.
But it was good.
I like my syrup on the side and I am really glad I ordered it this way since it was so sweet. This is a carmelized banana syrup. So sweet, but so good. Glad others shared this with me.
My grandma and her friend shared this portabello sandwich.
My aunt had eggs benedict with smoked salmon, minus the hollandaise sauce.
And last we have this turkey sandwich that my grandpa's friend Nick ordered.
Everyon agreed this was a great meal. But of course there is always room for dessert. Also my grandfather and Nick had never been to a Pinkberry so we just HAD to go! In Vegas we had Red Mango and Orange Pearl, but these are the same concept as the Pinkberry. If you have never had this, click on the link above and find the nearest location near you.
I ordered plain yogurt with chocolate chips and strawberries. I always get this in a medium cup because I stir it up and mash it together and everything usually falls out when it is in a size appropriate cup. My fave combo is really plain with coco puffs and strawberries, but when this is not possible I sub the chocolate chips.
Then it was off to see Billy Elliot with my family. The kids were amazing. Great show, different from In the Heights.
After the show we headed to dinner at John's Pizzeria .
We started off with a salad for all of us to share.
A bottle of house white wine.
Then 2 pizzas to share. The top was a bruschetta pizza and the bottom was mushroom and black olive.
Look how good this looks.
That was it for Sunday night and then it was low key from there. The best part was hanging out with family and relaxing. I actually got to sit still and watch some TV.
Then Monday morning it was time for goodbyes. But I realized I was missing an essential part of the NYC experience. That's right, I had to stop for a hot soft pretzel.
So that was it for my trip to New York city. I am still exhausted from just thinking about all of the run we had. Hopefully next time Ryan will be able to visit with me.
QUESTION: What is your favorite Broadway show?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

I have never seen a show in NYC but out of the shows that have been on Broadway, I would say Cats is my favorite. I have the whole soundtrack memorized! I used to do dances to the songs for my friends and family :)

Glad oyu got to get in a much needed soft pretzel, and so much delicious NY style pizza!! Your veggie-almond-cheddar burger looks very tasty, as does that delicious frozen yogurt! Thanks for sharing your mouth watering pictures!

Rachel Lauren said...

1, you suck for going to Candle before me. 2, I live for that sundried tomato bread at Spring Street Natural. Mmmm. 3, omg I can't wait to go to Hummus Kitchen. 4, My fav broadway shows, oh damn, so many. Les Mis, since I think that was my first ever. Gave me a legitimate reason to scream the word SHIT when I was 6 or whatever. Avenue Q, Full Monty, Rocky Horror, remember when we saw it with Joan Jett?, Wicked...Taye Diggs was in it when I saw it! HAHA! Producers, mainly because I love Nathan Lane. I can't remember half of what I've seen. I know I'm forgetting something amazing in there. 5, pinkberry, death in a cup! and carob chips are soooo much tastier than chocolate chips. coco puffs ... yumm. 6... ok I think I'm done. 7, holy crap that pretzel is huge...

Anonymous said...

What amazing food! Thanks for sharing! I loved reading about it all and looking at the amazing pictures! :)

Melissa said...

All the food looks great! Your trip looks like so much fun! I saw Spring Awakening in NYC last year. Nothing beats a show in NYC!

Emily said...

That hummus sampler looks to die for. I am a hardcore hummus looover!

In the Heights is coming to St. Louis, and I SOOO want to go. I love Broadway musicals of any kind, so I'm going to try my hardest to see it. Glad you liked it!

Astra Libris said...

So awesome, all the Broadway shows you attended! Such a glorious, glamorous trip! I've only been to Broadway once, to see Beauty and the Beast, and it was such an unbelievable experience...

The hummus sampler looks SO incredible!! As does your gorgeous fro-yo... and every single other scrumptious dish... :-) Foodie heaven! :-)

kristen :) said...

So glad you had a wonderful time! That is so true, lol, every time Chris and I go on vacation somewhere all of our activities are centered around what restaurant/food we are going to try! so funny. Looks like you had some awesome eats, it all looks so good! Glad you got some relaxation in too, that's the best.
I haven't been to too many broadway shows, but I did love Fosse :)

Unknown said...

a restaurant called the HUMMUS KITCHEN?? sounds too good to be true!

all your eats look fabulous! and so unique with items like the morrocan omelette and brioche french toast. I love traveling and trying new foods and restaurants and it looks like you do as welL!

ohh my fav broadway show?? wow I think Hairspray!!

Stareared Kid said...

Tough call. I love seeing Broadway shows--actually I have gotten tickets to see one every year since my 22nd birthday from my parents just about. I would have to say I loved Mary Poppins (which I saw this year with my mom). I also really enjoyed Wicked (we saw it with the original cast).

My two childhood favorites (that didn't run long on Broadway) were Footloose and Big. I still listen to the music from that now.


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