Put on your thinking hats!

All of them!

Well, one at a time that is.
Now I know you are wondering "what is she talking about". Yes, it's a problem solving technique. The topic I was assigned for my research was Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats. This problem solving technique will ensure that you ask the right questions in your situation, and all of them.

So, in an effort not to bore you all I will keep this short, but still give you enough information that you can try this out the next time you are working through a problem.

WHITE HAT: This is the fact finding stage. What is known about the situation or problem? This is an objective hat. Only facts.

YELLOW HAT: This is the positive hat. What is positive about the situation, the proposed solution, or the what is done correctly do far? Advantages. Keep it positive.

RED HAT: This is for feelings and emotions. This can be anger, like red might make you feel, but also happiness, sadness, excitement. Let your true feelings shine while wearing this hat. How do you feel about the situation?

BLACK HAT: Here's where you play the devil's advocate. While yellow was positive, this hat is negative. What are some of the risks of the solution?

GREEN HAT: This hat is for your creative side. Think outside the box. Present new ideas and look at things from a different perspective. This hat allows for growth and expansion on the ideas.

BLUE HAT: This is for a calming effect. Throw on this hat if someone in the group is getting too into their own hat, like the emotions are flowing high with a red hat on. This is also a center of focus, it brings the group back so everyone is on the same page.

What is nice about this technique is that every gets to wear each of the hats, meaning everyone can experience the problem solving from a variety of angles and perspectives. You don't just weat one hat for the entire problem solving session, you switch between them.

This is just a quick run down of the idea, but it has been very successful in a lot of major companies, as well as in the classroom. So, if you are interested in a fun way to look at problem solving, give this a try. For more information just google six thinking hats and you will be amazed at the amount of information you will find.

Ok, so happy Friday to everyone. I finished my second week of subbing. This week was high school math and physics. What I learned this week is that I really need to brush up on my math. How coukd it have been one of my fave subjects in high school and I can barely remember geometry. Whew, I am glad I get the weekend to rest my brain. I am subbing 2nd grade on Monday and middle school on Tuesday, so I am looking forward to this new adventure.

Ah, and let's not forget that I have some pictures to share. the other day I was running errands and I just had to snap this shot to share with everyone. This is taken on base from a high up point on the base, overlooking the ocean. I love this view. I will admit sometimes I get side tracked and just stop and stare at the ocean below. I usually stand here when trying to spot whales.
I took my dog the other day to get groomed and couldn't resist buying her one of these treats. She loved it!
And now she looks (and smells!) so much better! I love that they gave her a bandana.
And, last but not least, my new fave yogurt. This was raspberry. I like the part where I get to mix it in myself. It's very interactive!
QUESTIONS: One of the activities we did in creative problem solving was to come up (yes it was a timed activity) with as many uses for a pencil as we could think of. So get creative and share with me some of your most creative uses for a pencil. Here are a few to get you started...hole poker, toe separator (when painting toe nails), and dart. Now, take a break from your busy schedule, take a deeo breath and give yourself 5 or so minutes to come up with some creative uses for a pencil.


Anonymous said...

hair pin, pb stirrer, (chopsticks if you have two), trellis for a plant to grow on, knitting needles

Beth said...

aww I love your dog! what breed?

as for what to do with a pencil--I find that they are useful to swat husbands away from off limits baked goods ;-)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Oh I love this! Ok, I use pencils to put my hair up sometimes :) I bite on them when I am nervous or anxious...haha. I guess I could play games with my pencils too, try to see who can throw them in the trash the fastest (I hate pencils). Or, do that thing where you may it looks like it's all wabbley! Fun :)

Holly said...

writing, drawing, ceiling dart, bookmark, kabob stick, sculpture piece, tournaquet stick, stabbing weapon, book prop........

Astra Libris said...

Thank you for this awesome post! I hadn't heard of the Six Thinking Hats before, and I am so excited to learn more about this approach to problem solving! I'm now looking forward to putting the great info in this post into use as we plan our wedding! :-) I love how this approach actually encourages one to problem solve with both facts and emotions...

Your puppy is SO adorable!!! :-)

Oooh, this pencil exercise is fun... :-) Let's see: temporary bookmark, pointer with which to gesture while talking, cat toy, french twist hair fastener, spine for a puppet!

Anonymous said...

Great post! The Thinking Hats technique sounds fun and effective.

But unfortunately it's a bit too early right for now for me to be creative... Sorry...

Have a great weekend!

P.S.: And yes, high school math is tough if you haven't done it for a while... ;)

Anonymous said...

It can keep my hair up, it can gimme something to chew when I'm super stressed out, it can hold the toilet paper (don't ask), it can stab my enemy, it can be a plant-supporter...

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