Fancy Schmancy dog food and What to do with too much tofu

While I was at home and I went to buy my bike, I also decided to get my pets some fancy schmancy dog food. See we boarded them when we were traveling and I picked Falls Road Animal Hospital . There was a poster in the room for Weruva and my cat seemed fascinated. Actually, I think she enjoyed her own reflection, but we decided to buy some cans anyway. Since the bike store was across the street from the vet I decided to buy some "gifts" for the dog and cat. They are pricey, but have fun names and sound like they would be delicious. Who knows if they are healthy or not, but it says it is made from the same quality products for human consumption.
Good thing I stopped in! Turns out I paid in full as a deposit when we bored and then paid again when we left. I had a nice credit on my account. So it covered my purchase and they were kind enough to mail me a check for the remainder.
Here is what I am currently giving to the dog. I think my cat likes this seafood flavor a little better than the dog, but the dog is eating it.
I was really glad we registered for these from Bed, Bath and Beyond . Normally I do not use cans for their food, but when I do I like to use these instead of wasting foil. Other than being a paw, I guess they can work for people food too. I love that they have 3 sizes on here since the dog and cat have different size cans.
Today was mostly a catch up day and grading projects. I took a quick break to enjoy this snack. I am so happy I bought extras from Trader Joe's.
So good!
Before I knew it dinner time was here. My current problem is 3 containers of tofu set to expire October 21. I had planned to make these before I went away, but we were busy and doing other things and tofu apparently was not a priority. So tonight was TOFU or BUST!

I baked the tofu in cubes, which is almost always how I start off.
This was my original plan. I was going to do tofu in this mushroom marinara sauce and serve it with brown rice.
Change of plans, the rice was groing mold. I don't blame it, I brought it all the way from Las Vegas. So i was so thankful I had this awesome couscous that I brought back with me. I love that couscous is so easy to cook. I skipped the butter and instead used almost a TBSP of Enova oil. Worked great and none stuck to the pan.

In the meantime I heated up about 1/3-1/2 of the jar of sauce. I had crushed tomato, but I decided to use jarred prepared sauce instead since we seem to have an abundance of that too. This made the prep work super simple and we both had more work to do.
Tofu is baked!
Tossed it in the sauce and mixed it up a little.
Plated up my couscous.
And then we had a tasty, delicious, and healthy meal.
I am really happy with how this turned out because I was just thowing some things together. I am working on my cooking skills since I work from homw now. I liked that this dish was quick and easy. Next time I think I will add some veggies. I am not sure how I forgot about that, but think I want some green in it next time. Mmm, maybe some spinach in my sauce.
QUESTION: How do you usually prepare your tofu? If you don't cook tofu at home, do you ever eat it when dining out?


Anonymous said...

I love adding tofu to my homemade lasagna, and I also mix it in muffins! It keeps the muffins nice and fluffy on the inside! :D

Thanks goodness for the TJ couscous!

Anonymous said...

I always eat tofu at my mother-in-law's house. I think she bakes it and makes the most delicious, spicy dipping sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, spicy red pepper flakes, green onions, sesame seeds... I just realized that I should really get the recipe! :)

I also LOVE Korean tofu soup, but I always eat it in a restaurant and have never made it. But I should!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I am just not getting into tofu, but usually when I have it it's the silken variety :) Does that even count? I just don't know enough about how to cook tofu to enjoy it, and Nick hates it. However, I do order it at restaurants if it's a good recipe!

I love the can toppers. What a great invention, why didn't I think of that?!

Nicci said...

I like eating it out but I enjoy trying new recipes at home with it.

Melissa said...

The can covers are cute!

I like to marinate tofu in BBQ sauce, bake in the oven then serve with sweet potato. A nice healthy BBQ of sorts.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

sautee tofu...sometimes grill outside - but its a little chilly 4 that now :( i do order it in Pad Thai if we are out! nom nom nom!

chow and chatter said...

nice eggplant

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