Dinner Duty

Last week Ryan and I both had some good dinner ideas, so we took turns with dinner duty.

I was up first.  I had bought some eggplant, which I love, and decided I wanted some baked eggplant parmesan.  We had a ton of leftover pasta from 2 nights before and if it didn't get used, it was going to have to be tossed out.  It seemed perfect then as I could use the pasta for a side dish.

I baked my eggplant slices, with a little olive oil on top.
Then I layered then in a dish with some tomato sauce and cheese.
And in no time, I had dinner ready.
Like I said, we had tons of pasta, so it was great to be able to use it up and not have to throw it away.  Oh, if you think I was able to eat this much pasta, you are very wrong.  This is about 3 times the amount of pasta I was actually able to eat.
The next night, it was Ryan's turn for dinner duty.  He found this chicken sandwich recipe in Men's Health Magazine and made this with his mom when he was visiting her.  He brought the recipe home and was ready to make this for dinner.
If you are thinking that sounds strange because I don't eat chicken, you are 100% correct.  Even though I don't eat chicken, it does not mean Ryan can't still make it.  While he did all the prep for this dinner and the cooking, I made myself a Boca burger which I then used in place of the chicken.

First, he cut up some pineapple and the leftovers went in baggies, which makes it easy to pack for lunches.
The he sliced the red onions, which I could smell all the way across the room.
He managed to find some fresh rolls at the commissary.  Not sure how he did it since I tried a few days in a row and never found rolls in the bakery.  He must have better luck than me.
Ryan marinated the chicken in teryaki sauce.
Then it was time to grill them up.  He used the George Forman grill at his mom's, but then decided here to use the grill pan.
Like I said, I made mine with a Boca Burger.  I cooked it and then soaked it in some of the teryaki suace.
Then it was time to layer my burger.

First, the pineapple.
Second, the onion.
Third, the jalapenos.
Last step, place the top of the bun on my sandwich.
Here are Ryan's chicken sandwiches.  I love all the colors.  It was a great recipe and really easy to do.
QUESTIONS:  What was the last thing you cooked for dinner?  Do you and your spouse/roomie take turns planning meals?  What are your favorite sandwich/burger toppings?


Unknown said...

all of that stuff looks so good! we like to plan meals and cook together in my house, although Matt does most of the actual cooking, I am good with prep work and clean up :)

Pickles are my favorite topping! yummmmm...

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Unfortunately I live by myself so I have to do all the cooking!
Those sandwiches look great! I made a yummy tofu stir fry yesterday and I made enough to bring to lunch today. It was great!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Look at those GIANT pineapple slices! That's awesome. I have never tried a burger with pineapple (or a veggie burger, for that matter). It's really a great idea, sweet and savory.

Nick doesn't plan meals, ever. If I asked him too, I guess he would, but I like having control of the kitchen :) He's so easy to prepare food for, he'll eat literally anything.

Emily said...

love eggplant! i just got one at the farmers' market today. :-)

we ate veggie rolls for dinner tonight. i'm living w/ my parents while job searching and help my mom cook pretty much every night. :-)

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