Waffles, From Scratch

While waffles might seem like an easy From Scratch task, there is still something reawarding about nice, fresh waffles on a Sunday morning.

I will admit, we are still getting back into the routine after a summer filled with travel and overall business.  Plus, my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit the island on Tuesday, so time is spent more on cleaning and getting ready.

I think what really sparked my interest in some waffles was the recent waffle recipe section in the Vegetarian Times.  Personally, the chocolate waffle and chocoalte sauce recipe looked awesome, but I was not able to convince Ryan that was a good idea for breakfast.

So, I went with the classic recipe.  My only problem was that I live in the middle of the Atlantic and sometimes finding ingredients that recipes created in the US, especially vegetarian items, can be very difficult.  Here is the recipe...
but we made a few modification.  First off, we drink milk and have some already, so I did not buy spy milk just for the recipe.  Next up, I will totally admit, I have no idea what powdered egg placer is, and I am sure I can't find it here.  Instead, I subbed the 1 cup soy milk and 2 tbs powdered egg placer with 1/2 cup fat free milk and 1 egg.  The last major issue was that this was supposed to be topped with fresh berries.  Earlier in the week I saw beautiful berries at the commissary.  Well, when I went on Saturday, almost all produce was sold out, including berries.  I am used to that, so I was not surprised.

To get started, we dissolved the yeast in warm water.  Then we had an A-HA moment and decided to make a double batch.  The reason was that the recipe claimed to make 6 waffles, and with the waffle iron, the first two are usually tossed out (or in our home, tossed to the dog). 
Then we added the yeast to the milk and eggs.
I dumped in the flour and other dry ingredients while Ryan whisked it all together.  Remember, part of the fun of the From Scratch Weekends, is that Ryan and I are in the kitchen together, working as a team.
Look at the good job Ryan did mixing up the batter.
I should also point out that we made this in advance on Saturday night because we knew we would not feel like it on Sunday morning.  I must admit, this made it so much more enjoyable to make from scratch waffles in the morning.

We do have a small waffle iron that Ryan bought me one year for Hanukah.  I thought it was funny because when I unwrapped the gift I told him it was so nice of him to get me a waffle iron to go with my personal waffle maker/chef.
The recipe called for the iron to be breushed with oil, but we always spray with Pam, and we saw no need to change that.
Here we go!  As usually, it makes a mess, so Ryan got smart and now puts foil underneath so the counter is not so covered in batter.
TA-DA!  Perfectly golden waffles!
Stackin' them up!
Since it was Sunday morning, I did not light the candles like I do for dinner, and if you notice, the tajine from Morocco has not found a home and rather remains on the kitchen table.  Here you have it, a classic Sunday morning meal of from scratch waffles.
My plate.  I had soggy breakfast foods, so I always dip in syrup and never pour it on.
They were delicious and really easy to make.  I am glad they turned out well (ok maybe a little dry), despite the substitutions.

QUESTIONS:  Do you ever makes waffles or pancakes from scratch?  Do you have a waffle iron at home?  What is your favorite Sunday morning meal? 


Emily said...

I actually prefer waffles and pancakes from scratch. I make them a lot! I do have a waffle iron, but sometimes the waffles get stuck, which is really annoying. I really love pumpkin pancakes...can't wait for fall!

SpecialK said...

I love homemade waffles...the ones at big restaraunts dont measure up for some reason (too much oil? I don't know!) T here is a good vegan version that isn't as complicated as yours was that I use with COCONUT MILK!
With apple or pumpkin butter and ALWAYS WHIPPED CREAM!

Shannon said...

My mouth is watering! I love these "From scratch" posts....Its so great that you and Ryan share this passion for cooking together. My husband and I have a lot of fun together...but hours in the kitchen cooking is not his idea of a good time :)

Ameena said...

These are seriously the most perfect waffles I have ever seen. I make them from scratch as well but I think I want to try this VT recipe instead but they put mine to shame!!

Oh and the foil idea? Brillant!

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