My visitors are here…

That’s right, my sister and her boyfriend are visiting me in the Azores.  We have been very busy seeing the sights and having some great experiences.  I will be posting on their time here over the next few days.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts on my Thursday Thoughts.  I look forward to doing more of those.

When my sister and Chris first arrived we took it easy and headed to the beach area.
Then we stopped in this place called Mimos for some lunch.  My sister and I both ordered their version of a veggie burger and we both added egg on top.
Chris does eat meat, so he enjoyed a tosta mista, which is like a hot ham and cheese sandwich, but better because the ham is the European version of sliced ham, and the cheese is local.
I was pleased to see the new paint on the church in Praia.
I think it stands out so nicely now.
For dinner I took them to Buzius because I  knew my sister would enjoy the squid, which I had tried the week before.

Since Chris does eat meat, we had them actually bring the sausage to the table.  The servers know me, so they automatically do not bring meat.  When i have company i have to let them know it is OK to bring out.
My sister and I were more than happy to eat these olives.
Both my sister and I ordered the squid, but she got hers spicy and with tentacles.
Chris had the seafood cataplana, which is a special Portuguese preparation with a cream sauce.
There you have it…their first day on the island.  Plenty more to come, including pictures from our trip to another island in the Azores chain.

QUESTIONS:  What do you like to take your visitors to see when they visit your town?  Do you prefer cream sauces or tomato based sauces?  Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?

Happy first day of school if any of your teach of take classes!  I did have to go back to work today, but it was great to catch up with old friends and meet new people.


Shannon said...

That church is stunning! It is such fun to show off your town to visitors. My mother-in-law visited recently and we took her to historic Lexington and Concord and went hiking at Walden Pond.

Tomato or cream sauce??? Tomato! Cream sauce doesn't do good things for my sensitive tummy :(

Unknown said...

definitely Tomato!

I usually take visitors for crabs or crab cakes - or to Cafe Hon, HON!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Since you know I live in Vegas, to be honest I don't normally do a whole lot on the strip unless they ask. The one thing is usually going to a hotel pool. I love it.
You might know of Lake Las Vegas. I love taking people there. It's so pretty.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Glad you're having an ice time with your sister and her BF! Spicy squid with tentacles sounds so gross, yet I bet they were SO good!!

We don't have guests from out of town a lot, so I don't really know "what we do" when we have guests.....but I would imagine we'd take them to some great Columbus restaurants, and pf course a Buckeye game!!

Have a great day Melinda.

Rachel said...

you're coming all the way back to boston for FNCE? yay, hopefully will meet you there!

Emily said...

Hope you have a great time with your sister and her boyfriend. It's so great that you can show them around the island and take them to the best restaurants! I am sure they will enjoy sampling the cuisine there!

sophia said...

Oh, I hope you all have a great, meaningful time together! You're a girl after my heart, putting that egg on top of the burger!

I like pink sauces: tomato-based sauce, but with a touch of cream. Or even better, cream cheese.

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