Party like a local

There was one more bull fight we had to go to, or wanted to go to.  One of Ryan’s coworkers, who is Portuguese, throws a major party every year when the bull fight action is by his house.  Lots of people were going, so we did too.  I was most looking forward to checking out the tables filled with Portuguese foods. 

 Looks at all of the goods they had.
Since we were there, we did watch some of the bull action.
But the best part was the marching band that came into the yard and made themselves at home in this guy’s garage.  Not only did one band do this, but at the end of the evening a second band came in once the first band left.  Later we discovered the second band is the one that Ryan’s coworker plays in.
Here is the bull coming out.  This was the last bull of the evening.
Here is the second band. 
I managed to get some videos too.

This is from the first band:
This is the second band.

QUESTION: Do you play any instruments?


Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Gosh, that food looks amazing! That looks like such a blast! I love how everyone comes together.
I do not play any instruments. Never was any good. I did always want to learn to play the piano.

Unknown said...

just the air-drums :) have a nice weekend! xoxo!!

chow and chatter said...

wow cool you will really miss this place

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