Ultimate Italian Vegetarian Burger

The burger is how I plan to start of my post, but since I am behind a little with pictures to share since my sister was in town, and then I went back to work, and well, this post will have way more than just this burger.

Back to the burger.  I started off with some zucchini slices…
which I grilled.
I originally started off thinking I was going to use a sub roll, so the soy crumbles made a lot of sense, but once I started I decided to leave those for Ryan and I switched to a bun.
I put the zucchini on top of the soy crumbles.
Then I added some tomato sauce…
and a little mozzarella.
After a brief toasting in the toaster, I had this lovely burger for my meal.  It was so good.
Some time ago, I also got this package of goodies from my mom.
I immediately had to try this Z bar.
This was so delicious.  I was glad she sent more than one.
She also sent this, which I have not yet tried, but it looks really good.
She also included these old school cookbooks that my sister picked up at someone’s house.  I think they were going to get rid of them, so my sister thought I would like to check them out.  Other than being really funny to see how and what people liked back then, there are a few recipes we want to try.
In this Jewish cookbook I found this note, which made me laugh so much.
It says “Are they serious, Lung and liver pie, It sounds like a recipe from the Exorcist”.  I have to agree, and sadly, that is a recipe from my culture.  It just sounds awful and a little Silence of the Lambs!
In my package she also sent me this cool shirt from Lucky.
I have no idea how long ago I took this picture, but I keep seeing this melon everywhere, so I had to give it a try.
I liked it.  It was really good with grapes and cottage cheese.
Now I think I am back up to more recent times, as we went here right after my sister left.  My sister in fact went to this place with her boyfriend, but only for drinks one night.  It is the only Mexican restaurant on the island.
They have margarita’s but they have not mastered the art of the margarita yet.
Ryan had the chalupa plate…I think!
I had the seafood enchiladas.  I had them the last time too, so I remembered this time to ask for it with a little less cheese.
You can see that it does have some nice chunks of shrimp inside.
QUESTIONS: What’s your favorite type of burger?  What’s your favorite margarita flavor?


Unknown said...

that looks DELISH! I like a turkey burger myself, or black bean, but veggie is really good too!

I like a plain Marg...although pom is nice on occasion! On the rocks, no salt. We were thinking of going Mexican 4 dinner tonight, but might just stay home and have a 'from scratch' dinner :) Got some nice Rockfish @ The Weg!

sophiaaaa said...

I love real beef burgers. Those meaty, greasy, elbows dripping ones. :-)

That's a really interesting melon! Never seen those before!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Yum, this veggie burger sounds great! I don't use soy crumbles a lot, but I know the first time I used them to make Nick a "sloppy joe" he had no idea they were soy! He went back for seconds too.... So perhaps I should buy them again. I'm been making a lot of been burgers lately and made a new one last night with ground up fiber one cereal, oats, black beans, egg, and red hot. They tasted good..but I want them to taste GREAT. I'm working on it...

That note in the Jewish cookbook is awesome. So true!!! Liver and anything = nasty.

Special K said...

Um...I had this chickpea beet burger one time that simply blew my mind our of the water with grilled onions and blue cheese. So delicious...
Have you seen the peanut flour going around...have any good ideas for them?

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