Scenic Drive

On Wednesday, I took my sister and Chris on a drive around the northern, eastern and part of the southern coasts of the island.  Some of these pictures don’t even look real, but trust me, this is what the island scenery looks like.
There is my sister, but she is hard to find in the rocks.  Can you spot her?
Here we are at one of my favorite look out spots.
For lunch we stopped at this place called Lava Preta.  It is next to the wine museum so it makes the perfect spot to grab a quick bite.
We started with an octopus salad.  Octopus and squid are very different.
Chris had this pizza.  It has ham and a fried egg in the middle.
Rachel and I had a veggie pizza without cheese.
At the wine museum, my sister was pleased to find these figs.  Let’s just say that Chris and I each had one, and then next time I wanted a fig, it seems there were none left.  We really like figs, but maybe my sister likes them the most.
Here are the wine selections.  We tried some and bought a few bottles.
Then we headed on the natural swimming hole near the museum.  It was a gorgeous day out.  The lava rocks make the shelter from the open ocean, and the holes will in with ocean water, creating pools.
At this spot, which actually opens up more into the sea, and is a little deeper, there were people jumping and diving off the rocks.
Look out below!
This guy got some air!
Here are Chris and Rachel on a bridge over the swimming hole.
We stopped at this lookout point and I was wondering if this man was going to try and get any closer to the edge.
After we made our way down to Angra, we headed home to get Ryan for a nice dinner out.
This is goat cheese.  We asked about the jam served with this, and it turns out that it is pumpkin and walnut (I think) with spices.
We also had olives.
Chris and Ryan had some fried sausage.
Rachel had a shrimp and squid kabob.
I HAD to get the lobster again.  This time it was undercooked, so I sent it back.  The second time around it was 100% better.  But, they messed up on Ryan’s and brought the wrong dish.  By the time they remade the dish, I wanted him to be able to start eating right away, and therefore I have no picture of his steak kebab.
Chris had the monkfish and pineapple kebab.  Monkfish has a very unique texture.
That does it for day 2 of their stay.  We went home and got some rest because the next day we had a nice trip planned.

QUESTIONS:  Do you like the ocean or would you rather swim in a pool?  Do you like figs?  Have you ever eaten octopus?


Morgan said...

You truly live in the most beautiful place, I'm so jealous!
I was a swimmer all of my life, so I would take a pool over the ocean any day! I am actually a little scared of ocean swimming, and any other open water swimming!
I've eaten octopus...ew! In Australia I ate "octopus balls" one night (not testes!) I was drunk too!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The island is so beautiful! How great that you get to show it to your sister. Enjoy your time together!!!

I love swimming in the ocean (and used to swim out way too far. But then, a few years ago, someone was attacked by a shark a few weeks after I had swum in the exact same spot...). I love figs but don't eat them very often. And, yes, I have had octopus many times.

Jessie said...

Did your sister wear a rock-colored dress on purpose? :P I'm just kidding - you both look lovely in that picture! And speaking of lovely: that scenery is so beautiful, it's unreal. I can't believe you see such gorgeous views every day!

That's so funny how the figs just "disappeared". I love figs, dried fresh whatever. I've had octopus, but I prefer squid more. Both are good, though!

Emily said...

Definitely a scenic drive...what gorgeous views! I don't think I've ever tried octopus before. Hehehee, so funny that your sister likes figs...alot!

Unknown said...

SO FUN! looks like you are all having a great time! Wish it was in the cards to come over there this year :(

I love the ocean, but I'll take a pool if that's the water option! I think I have had octopus, but I am not sure, it might have been squid! And I do love Squid! Figs, eh - not my fave.

Hope you have a happy labor day weekend - although I guess you probably are not "celebrating" in The Azores LOL!

Beth said...

It looks like your sister is having a beautiful visit so far! And you and your sister are like me and mine...we look so much a like, there is no mistaking the relation!

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