Time to say farewell to our visitors

They actually left a week ago, but I am behind on my posts, and just now getting to the last of our time together before they headed back to the States.

I took them to O Cacholote, the whale, for dinner on their last night.  I think you can see why it is called the whale.
Inside we sat down for a lovely candle lit dinner.
This places brings out a lot of good starters.

Garlic bread
Sausage, butter, olives
Fresh goat cheese
Regular bread
For dinner, Chris and I ordered the fish clay tile to split.  It is always served as a dish for 2 people.  This is a local traditional dish where the food is cooked and served inside a roofing tile.  It comes in a cream sauce and has potatoes too.
It also came with salad.  I was pleased to see this because I have been here a few times, and the salad has never been presented as nice as this.
My sister ordered the squid and shrimp kebab.  I must say, it was a huge portion.
When we first got to the restaurant, the owner was outside with us as we were taking pictures with the whale.  I let him know we went to Pico and spotted some whales and dolphins along the way.  While we were waiting for our dinner, the owner came over and pointed out that we could see Pico and Sao Jorge islands from our table.  I really did not believe him at first, but I took a look and sure enough, I could make out the 2 islands.  He said you can see them clear from Angra and Sao mateus too (on this island).  I felt so silly that I never knew this before.  I think most of the time it is foggy or cloudy and the peak of Pico is so high that it is often covered.  I have seen these two islands, but always from a look out point on the west side of the island. 

If you look closely at these pictures, you can see the islands too.  I zoomed in as much as possible for these, and I think that if you look close, you will be able to see it.  It looks like a long wavy line and then a point that goes up in the middle of the long wavy line.  The long line is the coast line of the island Sao Jorge which is very think and very long.  The peak is the island of Pico sticking up from behind Sao Jorge.
Then it was time for dessert.  I had the pineapple flambé.
This was really good.
My sister ordered the fruit on a rock.  On the island they cook meat on this charcoal rock that is plugged in and heats up.  So, they got creative and made a fruit dessert to cook on the rock too.
It comes with fruits, and then cinnamon and sugar to add to it.
It was a great meal to end a great stay.

The next day they got packed up and then we headed to Praia for some final walking around and lunch.  We went back to Mimos for a quick and easy, plus delicious, meal.

Chris had soup and a tosta mista, which like a hot ham and cheese if you are new to this blog.
Rachel had some salad to start.
Isn’t this cup so cute?
Rachel and I both ordered the veggie burger with an egg.
Our final stop was to the statue just above Praia, at a lookout point.
Down below is all of Praia.  You can see it is not a very large city.  It is the second largest city on the island.  Well, technically there are only 2 places called cities here, but this is the smaller of the two.  The rest are towns and villages.
Well, that concludes their stay with me here.  They absolutely loved it and I think they want to return to live in the Azores permanently.

QUESTIONS:  Were you able to spot those two islands in the pictures above?  What is the wackiest thing you have had food served to you in?  Where did you last go for vacation?


Beth said...

I love those pictures of the flambe!

Last real vacation was in Maine, but we were at the shore last weekend!

Biz said...

You always get me with the fresh goat cheese!

Our last vacation was two years ago - we went to Gaitlinburg, TN - our favorite day was the day we rented a pontoon boat and just swam and fished - loved it!

Unknown said...

single serve bread in a mini flower pot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtargaro/3052094666/in/set-72157609726385227/

brew your own coffee: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtargaro/3052079366/in/set-72157609726385227/

both from our honeymoon in St Croix! Last vacay was Outer Banks in June. Hoping to go somewhere FUN for a long weekend this fall though!

Nicole, RD said...

A fish dish served in a roof tile? HOW COOL! This post makes me want to just hop on a train and toodle around Europe for the next...long while!

Have a great weekend, Melinda!

Jessie said...

Love the whale coming out of the wall! I have to say, I'm jealous of all the fresh goat cheese you have :P And the fruit served on a rock look like the perfect light end to a meal!

I've had a single serve bread in a flowerpot, too! I had abalone served in the shell, yum. Our last vacay was a wonderful trip to Colorado! Have a great weekend, Melinda!

Emily said...

That is one crazy sign with the whale sticking out! Your sister's kebab is gigantic...and delicious, I'm sure!

My last vacation was to Bloomington, IN to help my sister move in. Not really a traditional vacation, but it was a lot of fun!

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