French Toast and Quail Eggs


I actually think that combination does not sound good so I am happy to say those were too separate meals.

First off, I am happy to announce (other than not eating quail egg french toast) that I have finished my cpmprehensive exam for my Master's in Human Relations degree.  I just have to review it this week and send it off.  Since I was intent on finishing this before I head to the States in a week, I focused all my writing energy there and did not get to post on my blog or comment on any of the great ones I read daily.  Please forgive me!  I am looking forward to getting caught up.  

Now on to the good stuff... 

Ryan and I had not had French toast in sometime so we decided one weekend we had to make some.  Looking at the picture now I am wondering why we did not use the electric gridlle, but I guess this was a way easier for clean up.
As for the quail eggs, we were at a restaurant that we love to go to and we were served these little eggs.  We had them once before but did nto know what they were, even though we ate them.  This time I had to ask and I was amazed it did not occur to me sooner.  So much for a degree in food and nutrition!  I seriously did not know what they were or could be.  At least it clicked after the server told me.  These were in a sort of spicy olive oil.  They are good but have an interesting taste that does take a little getting used to.  Not quite bitter, but along those lines.
This is also the place that serves goat cheese and fresh jam for the bread.
I ordered the lobster.  I swear I never was a lobster eater until this place.  I would only get it on special occasions but here it is good and cheap (for lobster that is).  This time they took it out of the shell and I wondered if that was just how they were making it or if they remember the huge mess I made the last time trying to get it out, LOL!  It was also a little different because it had hot pepper flakes on it.
DSC08094 \
Ryan went with the steak and pineapple kebab.  The pineapple here is local to the main island of the Azores archipelago and is insanely good.
I was also so pleased to see this restaurant had a wait.  You would not think restaurants like this exist on such a small and quaint island, but there are a few places that would pass for fine dining or upscale in the US, and this place is one of them.  I am just glad to see so many locals and Americans stationed here enjoying the quality food served at this restaurant.

Last up is a picture of a treat we made for a hail and farewell, which is basically a potluck party.  Do you remember these? 
DSC08133 DSC08134
We made ants on a log!  The theme was finger foods for the Super Bowl and we only decided last minute so we did not have time to get too involved.  This was definitley a fun one to make.

QUESTIONS:  Do you remember ants on a log?  Have you ever tried quail eggs?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

Congrats on the exam!! I bet that's a huge weight off your shoulder.

The French toast looks wonderful. I should think about getting some heartier bread for my French toast, because whenever I make it it sort of shrivels up. It's always tasty, but so small and pathetic looking.

I've never tried quail eggs, but I would always try them if they were offered, I supposed. I love love love eggs.

Beth said...

congrats on your comps!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I've never had quail eggs, but I have always been a bit curious. I buy my eggs at the Farmers' Market, and my "egg guy" sometimes has quail eggs. They are quite pricey, so I have never picked them up. I think I'll wait until I have the chance to eat them somewhere...

Happy Valentine's Day! And, again, congrats on getting the comps done!!!

Unknown said...

omg raisins BLECH :(

Happy VD!!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Congrats on the comps!
Oh my gosh, ants on a log! yum! I normally just have celery and pb. Such a tasty treat!!
I haven't had any eggs beside chicken. Your french toast looks amazing! I really should make some this weekend.

Lori said...

Congrats on finishing the exam! We were introduced to quail eggs in Brazil. I didn't eat a whole lot of them, but they were on every churrasco salad bar.

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