Way too much food…

Every time I come to visit the States I am reminded how much eating is a truly social event and part of life.  When I get together with family members and friends it usually revolves around a meal.  So I wind up booked for lunches each day and dinners…and even second dinners.  Obviously I am having a great time and getting in some good eats at various local Baltimore eateries.  Below are some of those meals shared in great company with great conversations.

Day 4:

I couldn't resist this picture of my sister's oatmeal that she had for breakfast.  I had a chobani and then a few bites of this oatmeal.
My sister and I decided sushi would be great after we went for a mani and pedi.  We wanted something near the house because I had a webinar to attend in the afternoon.  We picked this place called Edo Sushi.  Good thing we did because we were pleasantly surprised. 

Could not resist starting off with edamame.  Not sure how long it has been since I had some, but it has been a while.
My sister started off with a seaweed salad.  So glad I tried it because I thought I hated it, but I was wrong.  It was really good.
I had a shrimp salad to start.
This was really good, and really thick sesame ginger dressing.
The lunch special came with 2 rolls and a miso soup. 

I had the philly roll and spicy scallop roll.  Plus, as a bonus, this place does brown rice sushi.  That was really cool.
DSC08290 DSC08291
My sister had a California roll and eel roll.
When they brought the check they brought these cute little strawberry rolls.
After running around and doing the ADA webinar, I met up with an awesome blogger, Beth, who is from Baltimore too.  Have you seen her blog before, 990 Square.  She is an awesome cook and baker, plus she is super nice in person too (like I would have expected otherwise!).
After running around a little more I was a little late to dinner with my dad and step mom.  They wanted to take me to a place they like called 7 West Bistro.
We started with bread and oil, but I didn’t want to eat too much because we had an appetizer coming.
My dad and stepmom both had a salad.
Here is a dip platter with many different ones, including some hummus and an eggplant dip.
I had the super giant crab cake.  Hey, this is Baltimore!
My step mom had a chicken gyro.
My dad had a gyro too but with lamb.
Now, here is where things get crazy.  After dinner I went to my friend Marie’s house.  I was having second dinner with Marie at Ocean Pride (check it out, they ship seafood anywhere in the US).
Marie had some soup, and then we split the crab pretzel (one of my fave MD treats) and a piece of PB pie.  Curious about the crab pretzel?  It is a soft pretzel topped with crab dip and then melted cheese on top.
 DSC08305 DSC08306
Ok, I admit to an extreme stuffed feeling by the end of the day, but I am glad I got to see so many people and enjoy such good food with everyone.

Day 5:

We started our day with the hair salon.  Padma Salon is a cute little salon near where my sister lives.  My sister was having her hair cut, but I didn’t need a hair cut just yet, so I decided while I waited that I would have my hair blown straight.  She did a great job.  My hair is usually a crazy mess.
After this we picked up my grandmother and went to a place near her condo for lunch.  This is Mari Luna Latin Grille.
I love this place because not only do they serve my favorite salad, but they give these pop-overs at the start of the meal. 
My sister and I split a shrimp and garlic lime appetizer and a bowl of squash soup.
DSC08309 DSC08310
Then all of us got the crab salad.  This is the BEST salad ever.  It has lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and a TON of lump crab meat.  It is so good and every time I come home I make sure to come here and get this salad.
The afternoon was spent shopping for, oh yes, food and wine.

I picked up these bottles of wine to take back.  I always bring Portuguese and Azorean wine back to the US and then I bring US wine back with me to the island.
Oh, how cute is this jacket.  I picked it up the other day at Target.
I also got this.  My husband will be happy (assuming it works).
DSC08315 DSC08317
Here are some of my Trader Joe’s purchases.  Have you tried any of these?
 DSC08318 DSC08320
DSC08321 DSC08324
These I bought the other day at a grocery store.  This is my favorite PB.  I love Crazy Richards!
I also picked up some dog treats and dog food.  Can you tell at this point in my trip I was starting to pack everything up?
DSC08322 DSC08323
Dinner was at Zen West with my sister and my friends Meredith and Matt.
Mer pointed this fun sign out to me.  Yes, it made for a fun picture.
This place is actually Mexican, so we started with some chips and salsa.
My sister and I were splitting food again.  We ordered a veggie taco and a mahi mahi taco.  The server was kind enough to give us veggies on the side because the red rice was cooked in chicken stock.  They also gave us black beans instead of the refried beans because they had pork.  It is nice when servers take the time to check on food components and then finding substitutions.
DSC08331 DSC08332
I also got the dairy on the side.  My sister is lactose intolerant, so I kept this far away from her food.
Mer and Matt shared some empanadas.
Mer had an enchilada.
Matt had some crazy burger with some guacamole.  Looks really pretty for a burger.
Now, if you aren’t stuffed just from looking at the pictures, you have a much bigger stomach than I do.  I could barely get this post together and look over all the pictures.  I am STUFFED!  But, I am happy that this time was well went with my friends and family.  I still have one more full day and I am looking forward to all of the fun things that we have planned.

QUESTIONS:  Have you tried any of those TJs products?  What is your favorite TJs product?  Ever had brown rice sushi? 


Beth said...

It was great to meet you! I can't believe you ate all of that food! :-)

Unknown said...

nom nom nom! had a GREAT time @ Zen West! I <34 TJ's yellow curry sauce, great on shrimp!

Nicole, RD said...

I have never had brown rice sushi, nope! I'm usually sharing with others and they refuse :( I do love seaweed salad and edamame, though. I'm like you, I can't resist edamame! It looks like your time in the states is going great, and super yummy! :) I saw on FB that you were on this side of the pond, I've been wondering what you were up to! Enjoy your time!!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I love your hair!! It looks great!
I have not had any of those TJs products, believe it or not. I hear the Crazy Richard's PB is really good though.
I have had brown rice sushi, and I either love it or hate it. LAst time had it it fell apart as I was eating it. It was such a bummer!!

Emily said...

Looks like you are enjoying a ton of great food in the States! Hope you enjoy the time with your sister.

I love those TJ's pb filled pretzels. :)

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

Wow..so much to say! Where to start. The sushi looks amazing and I love that they used brown rice.
Your hair looks great! I can never get mine to look as good as when they do it in the salon.
I have that fur brush you bought. I think it works pretty well.
Oh and I love TJ's! I don't go too often cause I always end up spending so much!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Sounds like you enjoyed some good food back home!

Favorite TJ's product: There are soooo many, and I can't choose... I do most of my grocery shopping at TJ's (other than produce which I get from my CSA and Farmers' Markets).

And, yes, I always get brown rice sushi when it is available.

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