Pumpkin Pudding: From Scratch

Last weekend I did do a from scratch item.  Not a whole meal, but just something I was looking to make since Thanksgiving time.  I thought pudding would be a nice thing to try from scratch.  I have only made pudding from the instant mix (I don’t actually eat it that often) and this recipe made it seem really easy…which it was.
I knew I had to make this recipe when I saw it because I was already thinking of pumpkin custard.  This pudding seemed close enough.
My only concern was the use of fat free instead of 1% milk.  Sometimes the commissary just does not have exactly what you need so improvising and being flexible is key.
I followed the directions and heated the milk.
Then I added the pumpkin.
Next thing I knew it was ready to go into little dessert cups and be chilled for eating later on.
  This was delicious.  I think the fat free milk did make it a little thinner than I would have expected but that didn’t stop me from eating it!

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite kind of pudding?  Have you ever made pudding from scratch?  What is your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin?


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

No, I have never made pudding from scratch, but it's been on my "list" forever!!! Your pumpkin pudding sounds great! I love just a little bit of pumpkin butter in my oatmeal... :-)

chow and chatter said...

oh yum love pumpkin recipes

Lori said...

I just made some chocolate pudding last week and hope to post it this coming week. I love pudding, but no longer eat the boxed kind. I think it's worth effort to make it from scratch, much creamier. I need to try pumpkin!

Rachel said...

my last pudding attempt failed! accidentally bought this organic one and then it never set. oh dear. but this look scrumptious ; )

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