All Kinds of Good Eats

As a typical vacation back to the states goes, we ate a lot!  Here are the pictures of all the yummy food we enjoyed starting with our last day in New York and ending with our time in Baltimore.

First up is a lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.
Ryan and my aunt both started with the vegan pea soup.  It was really good.
We also started with babaganoush, although we were served hummus at first and they did not believe us that there was an error.  They finally found the babaganoush and served it to us with the hummus.
My sister and I split the tuna and white bean open faced sandwich.
Ryan had a curry chicken sandwich.
My aunt had a turkey sandwich.
And Rachel and I also shared the egg salad.
That was it for NYC.  We took the train down to Baltimore later that night.  The first thing I wanted to do once we were at my mom's (and woke up the next morning) was go to Goldberg's for bagels.  Hands down the best bagels!
Dinner that night was at The Food Market with my mom and Joe and some of their friends.  This is a newer restaurant in Hampden and it is always packed.
We started with some edamame.
They bring this bread to the table.
My mom and I split the lobster fingers.  Just like chicken fingers but made from lobster.  Delicious.
Rachel got the rainbow trout.  It was awesome.
My mom ordered the Baltimore club.  
Ryan ordered the chicken.
And I had the tuna sliders.  Yum!
We couldn't pass on dessert, so we ordered 2 for the table.  I can't seem to remember what this was, but it was good!  And it went fast.
We also had the brownie and ice cream.
The next day was lunch with my mom, Joe, Rachel, and my uncle.  We went to Mari Luna (Latin Grille) because they have this salad there that I absolutely love.  I was glad that after nearly 2 years it was still on the menu.

We started with the popovers, which they always bring to the table.
And I ordered my favorite salad here.  It is crab and avocado with some pan fried cheese and other veggies.
I swear we did other stuff during the day, like shopping and walking around, but it looks like all we did was eat.  So these next pictures are from dinner at Vito's Cafe.  I used to eat at their pizzeria when I was little.  Now they have a restaurant.  So my dad and step mom took us here.
Ryan and I started with bruschetta.
Dinner was tricky.  I was glad I asked about meat and the dish I ordered because we discovered every red sauce there (and every wine sauce) had meat cooked in with it.  They use a pork bone in just about everything...including the pizza sauce!  So I ended up with pasta in garlic and olive oil topped with shrimp.
Ryan had the vodka rigatoni.
Overall we had a good time, despite so many issues finding something to eat.

Thursday morning was quite an adventure for us with some minor construction at my mom's house.  We did a lot of school work on that day and then I had a nice facial before we headed over to my friend Mer's house to see her baby.  What a cutie!

After visiting with Mer, her husband Matt, and my other friend Jenn, Ryan and I headed to our favorite restaurant, Roy's.  I had been in contact with the manager since I made my reservation and then needed to change something so I emailed them.  Well the manager was expecting us and made sure we had the most wonderful experience.  Honestly, I have always been impressed with the service at Roy's.  The server asks before anything else if we have any food allergies that she should know about.

The one thing they always bring to the table is some spicy edamame.  We love this stuff.
Then came some appetizers that the manager sent over for us to try since we have been overseas for so long and haven't eaten there in a while.  This was the ahi poke tacos and some crab filled pretzels.
Here is a closer up shot of the crab.
Then came a nice sushi roll.
Ryan and I always do the prix fixe menu.  I started with the shrimp and papaya salad.  Oh, and let me mention I took a lot of this home.  There was no way we could eat all this food!
Ryan started with a fresh veggie salad.
We both ordered the steelhead trout.  Since the actual presentation of this dish was with a risotto containing mint, so the server had mine made with veggies instead.  Ryan had his with the risotto.  This fish was cooked perfectly and even though I was barely hungry, I managed to eat half of it.
The final part, and main reason we like to eat here, was the chocolate souffle.  Ryan and I absolutely love this and no other dessert really compares.  It was just as good as we remembered.  It was a wonderful dinner and I appreciate all that the manager did for us to make us feel welcome and have a great experience.  I look forward to the next time we can dine there.
QUESTIONS:  What is the strangest ingredient you have ever come across in a dish where you may not have expected that ingredient to show up?  Have you ever eaten at Roy's?


Anonymous said...

why no photos of the cute baby??? :-P

I have eaten at Roys, it's tasty! And they have valet!

Rachel Lynn said...

All that food looks delish!!

MelindaRD said...

I was so busy holding the cute baby that I forgot to take pictures! And I will have to fill you in on the valet parking from that night. It was so good to see you!

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