Going to NYC!

Class was really great.  I learned how to listen to the heart and lungs, check cranial nerve functioning, do an abdominal assessment, and do a head and neck exam complete with an intraoral exam.  All of which can be used in my nutrition assessment.  It is a hands on approach for dietitians to get a more complete picture of what is going on nutritionally.  My classmates are awesome and have a variety of jobs as dietitians around the US.  Some are in the Masters program, some are doctoral students like me and then we had some just doing the workshop for continuing education.  I loved that we had dentists and PAs working with us to teach us exam techniques.  More on all of this later when I have more time to write about the workshop.

A couple of the days I walked over to the food trucks across the street and got an awesome (and cheap) falafel sandwich.
One of the nights Ryan went back to his hometown area and I studied in the room, so I ordered room service.  It was tasty, but a huge rip off.  I paid $14 for these 4 tiny pieces of crab and avocado roll.  
Our last meal in NJ was back at Nico.  It was not only excellent, but convenient, so we went back.  Ryan did a sausage pizza this time.
I went with pasta again.
As soon as my class was over that last day and I completed my test (which by the way was with my undergrad professor who I love...she is now at UMDNJ, my undergrad was at Cedar Crest) we headed to NYC.  My aunt lives in the city, so it was perfect for sightseeing and visiting with her.  My sister was coming up too, which was great.  Ryan and I decided to stay in a hotel.  We stayed at the Mansfield.  The location was excellent, too bad our room that first night was freezing.  You can see the room looks nice, not bad in size, but when the weather got nice for the few days before (and then froze again) they put in AC window units and we ended up with an awful draft.  The good news was that the next day we moved rooms and it worked out much better.
By the time we were settled we just wanted to eat, so we found a cute little brewery called Heartland Brewery.
Ryan decided to sample all their beers.  Since we started brewing our own at home, we are curious about all beers.
I had this nice spinach and apple salad to start.
My dinner was this tuna taco plate, which was good, but I liked the salad a lot more.  Ryan had a steak and I couldn't get a good picture of it.
The next morning we walked around a little before heading to meet my Aunt and get my sister.
This is where they film the Today Show.

Finding my sister was easy, thankfully.  She was starving so we headed to eat at Tick Tock Diner.  Delicious meal!  I had a spinach omelet.
Some grits to share with my sister.
An omelet for Ryan too.
After a little shopping, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a show.  Dinner was at one of my favorite restaurants in NY.  It is right in Times Square so I made sure to take some pictures.

The restaurant is called Blue Fin.  And yes, I was photobombed by Elmo!
Awful lighting for food pics, so I apologize for that.  Can you believe we ordered some sushi to start?  It was really good.
I started with the lobster bisque, which I love from this restaurant.
Ryan went with the Scottish salmon served with risotto.
Rachel had the tuna.
I had the avocado and crab salad.
And my aunt had the branzino.
As we were getting ready to leave they brought us over some desserts with a nice message welcoming us back home.
In addition to the salted caramel cake above, it was National Cobbler Day so they had this amazing strawberry rhubarb cobbler for us to try.  Amazing!  This is definitely still one of my favorite restaurants.
After dinner my aunt dropped us off at the theater.  We saw Book of Mormon.  Hilarious!  Hilarious! Hilarious!  We loved it.  
After the show (if you don't get offended easily, definitely go see it) we took my sister to Tutti Frutti because they have soy yogurt there and she can't have dairy.
I had some plain tart with chocolate yogurt.  Delicious and a great end to a great day.
QUESTIONS:  What was the last show you went to see?  Have you ever had soy frozen yogurt?  Did you eat cobbler for National Cobbler Day?


Rachel@MyWholesomeHome said...

How did I NOT know about National Cobbler Day?! My week is ruined. Yours looked absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

There is a Tuti Fruti by our house, YUM! Sometimes they have a Nutella flavor. And no, I have not had the soy, gross :P

LOL TO ELMO!!!!!!!!!

Great to see you yesterday, xo! <3MRT

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