Central Park, Chelsea Market and Yankee Stadium

How could I not eat this for "breakfast" in NYC?  
The weather was really quite nice and we had some time to kill before brunch with my aunt, so we made our way towards Central Park.  We stopped by Pret a Manger for some coffee.  They have some pretty good coffee here so I am glad we stopped in to give it a try.
Then we headed in to Central Park and enjoyed the nice Spring day.
I am pretty sure this is not exactly what they mean by passenger car!

Lots of people out running, walking, biking and rollerblading.

Nice picture of the NY skyline from inside the park.

Then we headed over to my Aunt's side of town for brunch at Marseille.  They give you a little basket of bread and some muffins.
My sister had the poached eggs provencal.  
I had the mushroom pain perdu.  It was awesome!
Ryan had the Moroccan omelet.
Last up, my aunt had the eggs Copenhagen, which is one of my favorite dishes ever.  This is like eggs benedict but has smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon.  She ordered it without the Hollandaise sauce, which is how I order it too.
Next up was a short bus ride down to Chelsea Market.  I had never been here before so it sounded like a fun idea.  Definitely a good suggestion by my aunt.  Ryan and I went here while my aunt and sister went to see Kinky Boots (which they absolutely loved).
I have no idea where we found room, but the grilled cheese from Lucy's Whey sounded too good to pass up.
So we split the cheddar and fig spread grilled cheese.
Then was something we were really looking forward to.  We wanted to check out Yankee Stadium, and they were playing my hometown team, the Orioles, so we really lucked out with this one.  We ended up using a website called Stub Hub to get the tickets.  The day before the game we still hadn't had the tickets delivered to us and we were starting to panic.  Luckily I had already expressed concern to the company so they were aware of our concern and not having the tickets yet.  They do have some sort of policy to protect their customers, so in the end, the original seller couldn't get us the tickets, so Stub Hub, with their amazing customer service, upgraded us and made sure we not only had tickets, but that they were in a better and closer section that what we already purchased.  It was perfect!  I am so happy they were able to offer us these tickets and ensure we had a great time.
Getting there was easier than I would have thought.  Plus, I was super excited to discover they have a Hard Rock cafe inside.
Another thing that surprised me was the Gluten Free food vendor.
And one more good surprise was the farmer's market stand.
I went with the eggplant and mozzarella sandwich.  It was delicious!
We were sitting just down in this section below, behind home plate.
Go Orioles!  I know, I was rooting for the other team, but I wasn't the only one.
Well, the Orioles ended up losing, 3-0.  The kicker was that I got up to go to the bathroom and in those 5 minutes the Yankees scored 3 runs.  I didn't even get to see any action during this game.  But it was still worth it to go to Yankee Stadium and watch them play the Orioles.  Although I would have loved to see my team win.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been to Central Park?  Have you ever been to Yankee Stadium?  What is your favorite baseball team?

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