Crossing the Delaware and Strolling in New Hope

On our last day by Ryan's home we started our day off with breakfast at Central Perk & Bagel Co.
I had a poppy egg and cheese sandwich because I CAN!  Unless I make them at home, I can't get a poppy seed bagel where I live in Japan.  Not sure why, but these came served with muffins.
Ryan had his sandwich with pork roll.  Apparently this is a Trenton thing.
We headed out from New Jersey and crossed over the Delaware River.
View out Ryan's side.
My side.
Since this is where Washington famously crossed the Delaware, we stopped to take in the history.  Here is a statue depicting Washington in his boat crossing the river.
It was on Christmas Eve so that says a lot because it was definitely cold and snowy when we marched into battle.
Here is the new memorial and museum area.  The museum just opened a few weeks ago and isn't complete yet, but we still looked around.

Here is a letter written by Washington.
This is the "translation" since it is a little hard to read.
Our next stop was to Bowman's Tower.  
Pretty old!  At least by American standards.  They have an elevator inside, but we decided to climb up instead.

Once up top we were able to get some nice views on all sides.

It was really, really hot out this day (unseasonably warm), which was great for enjoying the outdoors.
That's why I ended up with a little sunburn by the end of the day.
Our final stop of the day before getting Newark was in New Hope, PA.  The weather was beautiful so we just walked around for a while.
I enjoyed some fish tacos for lunch at a place called Havana.  
Ryan had the pork tacos.  Since he can't get anything like this in Japan he definitely wanted to try them out.  The food was good, but the service was horrible.  The best part was that we got to sit outside and enjoy the weather while we ate.
After lunch we walked some more.
Here we are playing with out shadows again!
Once we were done, we headed to Newark to check in and get settled before I started my 3 day workshop.  The area was a bit on the scary side so we went to dinner at the restaurant across the street at NJPAC (performing arts center) called Nico.  Not only did we love the food, but the service was awesome!  It made up for the awful service at lunch.  In fact, we gave our server some of the tip money we didn't give the girl at lunch.

Dinner for Ryan was a pizza.
I had the nettle fettuccine.  All pasta is made in house there.
Since we were drinking a bottle of wine already we decided to just got for it and order dessert.  I had the chocolate cake.
Ryan went with the carrot cake.  Yum!
That was the end of a great day and then it was off to a 3 day workshop at school.  It was great to be on campus and meet my classmates.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been to New Jersey?  What was the last historical site you visited?


Rachel@MyWholesomeHome said...

I spent 4 months outside Baltimore for AF training. I got to go to the Smithsonians and the historical DC area 3 times. I absolutely LOVE museums and history. That was a couple years ago now, and I'd love to visit more historical sites out on the East Coast.

Lori said...

My blog reading has been non-existent lately. I need to catch up on your trips! Those tacos look amazing, and how exciting about finding your book! I didn't know you had written one. I need to find it here!

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