The Great Breakfast Dilema

My plan for Friday was to hit the beach. I was looking forward to this every since the other day when I went down to Praia to pick up souvenirs and saw people on the beach.

Well when I woke up in the morning I couldn't decide what to eat to give me energy to whiz through all of my actual work so I could go emjoy the sun. The other part of the problem was that once a food is opened here the humidity takes over and you wind up with mushy cereal before you even add the milk. Since I won't be around to eat a box of cereal that quickly I didn't buy my usual special K. But we did have these options in the house.

This is one of my faves

Not a bad option either
Ryan sometimes takes the CIB as an on-the-go kind of breakfast

But I decided on these waffles that I picked up at the commissary since they won't go mushy if I am not around to eat them.
It does say good source of fiber, but it was 3 grams in 2 waffles, which didn't seem like a whole lot when my bread has more than that in a slice. This is however better than NO fiber. So I got my condiments ready to go...
And enjoyed 3 delicious waffles. Guess the fiber did something because I didn't feel hungry until MUCH later in the day.
After I was done with my work I gathered up my things for a trip to the beach. Towel, check, book, check, sunscreen, check!
I headed down to Praia and made myself comfortable.

Looks like a lot of people were walking the beach on a really lovely Friday afternoon.
Then around 3 pm I realized I was starving. I wanted a soft serve ice cream like the other day but they were closed. So I started wandering and I found this place- Mimos. (sorry for the bad glare and reflection on the picture!)
Ok, yes I know this is not lunch, but I was feeling like I was on vacation. I had to try this when I saw it. This is a small muffinish-cupcakey kind of sweet. They LOVE their sweets on this island so I am totally in heaven. This one is made from peanuts and is topped with chocolate and white chocolate hard shell icing. It was so good, and I tried and little of this one, and a little...
of this too. Could not resist since I was already craving something cold. I asked the girl who worked there which flavor ice cream she recommended and she pointed to this. I took a sample and I was wold. This is caramel ice cream with real caramel swirl and chopped peanuts. So I had a little of this too before I was so full I thought I would explode.
Here are all the other yummies. Now you know why I had a hard time deciding in this store. They all look so good.
This was the outside view from inside the pasteleria.
The ice cream case.
Then I came home after a few more errands and helped Ryan and our landlord board up the gates of our house for the bull fight tonight.
Setas means spikes so it is a warning that we have spikes behing the cardboard. Yes, the front of my house is somewhat gothic. The inside of my house looks like a medieval castle.
Then I started the potatoes for the potato salad we are making for the BBQ.

And yes, we needed an afternoon coffee pick me up.
After all the prepping it was late and the water had been off for most of the afternoon due to some road work, so out to dinner we went. We decided on the Italian restaurant next to O Pescador.
Bread to start
We kept it simple and split a vegetarian pizza. This had mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini and black olives.

This pizza was delicious and I am glad I have some left overs since I know we will be very busy preparing for the BBQ and party at our house tonight. What a great day this was!

QUESTION: What's your favorite food for breakfast? What's your favorite pizza topping?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

Wow, you have more breakfast options that I do! Maybe..I have tons of cereals too, and oat bran, steel cut oats, french toast, the list is exhausting. 90% of the time I choose my cereal with soy milk and frozen blackberries! I am addicted.

As for pizza, I like veggie, with black olives, onion, mushroom, and red pepper! Looks like you had some great eating experiences yesterday, that dessert/ice cream place sounds great! I always have a hard time choosing when there is a huge display case filled with tons of goodness. the caramel peanut ice cream sounds like a flavor I should try to re-create!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures again! I love it! :)

I usually eat some fruit first thing in the morning and then oatmeal a little later. I love lots of cinnamon in my oatmeal...

I love tomatoes, mozzarella & basil on my pizza. Simple but so good.

Have a great BBQ! :)

chow and chatter said...

nice beach and good icecream you need real maple syrup girlie!!!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

I have never tried any of those cereals..which is odd because I am the cereal queen! haha

I always have a banana for breakfast (along with whatever else pops out at me!).

Pizza is awesome....lots of veggies is my fave!

Stareared Kid said...

Usually, I make egg sandwiches. Depending on the mood and what I have in the house, I either use eggs or egg beaters.

I toast a low calorie english muffin or piece of bread w/ 2% American Cheese. I also cook a morningstar farms veggie sausage patty in the oven. Then I cook the egg. It takes me all of 20 minutes to cook when I use the sausage, but when I just have egg and cheese-maybe 5 minutes. I love it and all the protein and fiber keeps me full til at least 11:30--which is a plus because I do eat breakfast at 6:20am!

Angie said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

What a beautiful day at the beach...looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

beautiful beach! and yummy lookin pizza! I love olives on my pizza :)

Unknown said...

for breakfast, i like a b-fast burrito :) or an omelet. just something with eggs. i like eggs!

as for pizza, i like mushrooms. nom nom nom!

kristen :) said...

Thanks for your encouragement Melinda :) I could imagine chronic fatigue syndrome was just horrible, I'm hoping that's not what I have, but I'm feeling a bit better and got some activity in :) I think I keep about 4-5 boxes of cereal in our house because we like to mix. Chris likes his really soggy so he would fit in well with the humidity there, yuck! What a wonderful beach day, I'm so jealous of your adventures!! I love so many things for breakfast, lately it's been peanut butter & jelly naan, topped with cottage cheese and fruit. I love grilled veggies on pizza or figs and prosciutto. Hope the BBQ went well :)

MelindaRD said...

Thanks everyone for the great breakfast and pizza ideas.

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